The Last Weekend of February in $$$


Happy Monday! How was your weekend, and how spendy did you get?

$96.72: Pizza for the baby’s birthday party
+$40: Birthday gift

That’s it. We didn’t go grocery shopping because we have all been sick. I personally seem to be suffering from the cold from hell. We did grocery runs Thursday and Friday, mostly for medication. One of the side effects of the cold from hell seems to be a lack of interest in food.

We had budgeted for party food, so we’re actually well under budget for the month. My sister made cakes, my parents brought decorations (and helped us clean up), and my MIL brought sodas. The party was low-key and great except I no longer have a voice!


I just spent $500 on a piece of art that I have wanted for a long time. I’m somewhere between really pleased and extremely freaked out. At least the weekend itself was cheap, right?


Does Friday count as part of the weekend? If not, then just a $30 grocery store run on Saturday! If Friday does count, then add a $30 lunch date with my mom. We go every other week to catch up, even though I see her multiple times a week :slight_smile:


Saturday: $9 on a six pack of beer.
Sunday: Mr krmit spent about $70 on beer brewing supplies, which he then put to work and now there is a baby IPA fermenting in the pantry.


Friday: $0
Saturday: $0
Sunday: $55 (including lunch out, groceries, stamps {yes, i should pay bills online like a normal person but i didn’t}, and a movie rental)

I had a lot of fun this weekend for free: saw family, went downtown, managed 1 gym workout, watched the Oscars (free with my parents’ cable login), stocked up on the good groceries (I literally haven’t cooked with fresh chicken in months and my protein intake situation is dire)


Friday: $0
Saturday: $26.50 Mom’s Bday Dinner

  • $6 on mocktail including tip
  • $17 on meal including tip
  • $2.50 on transit to dinner

Sunday: $35.75

  • $14.76 groceries
  • $3.99 grocery treats
  • $17 public skating on a whim (see my journal to see my figure skating existential crisis)


My kids were off school last week for “Ski Week” so we went skiing Thursday-Saturday. Friday morning we checked out of our hotel for one night (it cost $261, but I had a gift card that covered $200 so it cost $61). We got sandwiches and chips at Safeway to take to the mountain ($ 37) and took drinks from home. Friday night we went to our friend’s mountain house where we spent Friday and Saturday night. We ate dinner and breakfast at their house, but stopped at the store for orange juice and sparkling water ($20)
On Saturday, we bought lunch on the mountain (so expensive – $64 for two gatorades, one apple juice, one hamburger with fries, a personal pepperoni pizza and a clif bar). That night we ate at our friends’ house as well as Sunday morning before driving home.
Sunday we stopped for gas before driving home ($30) and then got groceries when we got home ($22).
So overall, not too bad, especially considering there was a ski trip in there – about $220


Friday: $0 Resisted the urge to buy coffee during a meetup with a friend --helped that the line was long! Also decided not to stop for groceries, since there was nothing we needed urgently.

Saturday: $0. Stay at home day

Sunday: $50ish (actually around $48 – didn’t get a receipt and it hasn’t shown up in Mint yet) for dinner out with my kids. Excellent BBQ with enough leftovers for DD’s breakfast this morning and my lunch today.