The First Weekend of March in $$$



Here’s my original plan for the weekend:

I was very accurate on the grocery spend (it was $101.86) and the fact that we bought whole milk and are starting to transition the wiggler off formula.

The play date got canceled, sadly, so we did the grocery shopping Saturday. On Sunday, we went shopping and spent…

  • $3.50 on a book for the wiggler (it has a finger puppet in the middle!)
  • $5 on a new (secondhand) shirt for me (not entirely necessary, but it is red with tiny white stars)
  • and the big one, $475 on a beautiful antique dresser to replace the 15-year-old dresser from IKEA that we have for the wiggler, which has been falling apart

How was your weekend?


I spent zero dollars because I didn’t leave my house.
Also I had delicious food, as I had found good ingredients in the back of the freezer.
It was a win.


My weekend in non-overhead spending:

$119 Amazon Prime.
$28.04 Restaurant
$7.97 Personal care

I was not aware the Amazon Prime membership was going on my card. The perils of sharing a prime account. Someone’s gonna owe me some sexual favors.


My first weekend in March in ££

Haircut at Open Barbers (yay for my local hairstylist for all lengths, genders and sexualities) £20
Diane Arbus exhibition (£7 plus extortionate £3 booking fee but it was worth booking in the end as the slot I was attending with friends was sold out when I got there)
Friends’ band’s show - got in on the guest list, but spent about £9 on drinks
Of Love and Law movie £12.50. Ouch! I normally go on discounted nights early in the week but I went on Sunday for full price as I suspected I would be too tired and hungry to go after work. It was totally worth it as this movie was SO GOOD and super heart warming.

Middling expensive but super fun!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Zero marginal cost. I watched Hulu and Netflix, took many drugs that were already paid for, and worked on a web dev course that someone else bought.

Oh and ate pudding. So much pudding. I would like to eat non-pudding foods, people. Real bad.


Dansette, your life looks practically perfect in every way.


Saturday: $0. Walked the dog, biked to work and back, ate leftovers.

Sunday: $TBD. After work I met up with some friends for a delicious dinner at a restaurant I’ve never been to. We shared a lot of plates. One friend took the bill and we will settle up later this week - it will probably be most of my personal fun money for the month and it was WORTH IT!


Saturday: $10 for pizza and $5.91 for fancy chocolate covered almonds
Sunday: $40 for supplies to make jewelry storage/display and $15 on fancy macha powder (all items arriving this week).

Not super frugal. XD


I think I spent less than anticipated because I was lazy and only really went to work and then worked from home. I skipped going skating because I woke up too late to make the 7:15AM ice session.

Friday: $5.28 at Trader Joes of treats (mmmm ghost pepper chips)
Saturday: $0 - biked to my workshop, taught a 3 hours workshop, had nachos at home for dinner
Sunday: $0 - wrote monthly report, did design work, did forum maintenance, did not leave the house

Well then. I definitely should have spent more because we have very few groceries in the house right now and I need some things for my trip next week, but whatever…



OMG we’re already gonna be internet friends! One of the Open Barbers co-founders is a friend and ex of mine! <3


I will be sampling it on Wednesday morning and will report in!


More spendy weekend than is typical for me.

Indigo girls tickets – they are playing an open air show in June, bought tickets for me and my sister, she reimbursed me already, my share: $49.50

Groceries – urgent run for milk (old jug had gone chunky, eeewwww…) + some other stuff: $24.53

Laptop repair store – DD’s computer was not charging. Wasn’t sure if it was just the cord or something else. Paid more for their charger than I would have on Amazon because they did confirm it was just the cord. Extra cost = helping keep a local business viable, which I think is worth the extra $20: $42.94

Art supplies for DD: 14.97

Clothing items for the kids (some may be returned) and cold meds for DD: $50.84

Google Fi bill (cell service for me/DS): 55.14


Indigo Girls!!!


Thanks Elle! Look forward to reading about yours.


RAD! YAY! I love Open Barbers!