The End of March in $$$


What did you spend this weekend? Other currencies may also contribute!

I spent approximately $60 at one grocery store and $50 at the other. We went a little bit over budget for food for the month, largely due to treating family and friends to brunch early on. I rolled with the punches and moved money from the Baby category, since we hardly touched that this month (or maybe not at all, I forget) now that we don’t have to buy formula.

I also spent $1.58 on a fountain pen from China. That was totally unplanned but well within my fun budget.


A lot. So much. I needed things, and the wife needed to see Bri Larson fly big planes.


I feel like I’ve spent a ton of money. I’m afraid to look. >.<

Biggish expenditures I know occurred that are out of the ordinary:

  • $240 on a soundbar
  • $65 on computer and video games
  • $75 on brewing equipment

I can make the excuse that our tax refund covers it, but that wasn’t really the plan.

I would love to say April is going to be better, but I just got a tree removed for $400 and plan to have a home repair done for $2400, so…


well this is easy.

Friday: $0 (served breakfast on the bridge made the night before)
Saturday: $0
Sunday: $0

I was barely awake or left the couch all weekend. So, no money spent.


Saturday: nothing
Sunday: $5 for a big veggie taco, ~$20 for a copy of the new Wilson translation of the Odyssey


Very important!

Just don’t get it done on the weekend :wink: Problem solved!

That was very frugal of you. Good planning there.

Food and books? Perfect weekend!


Not even sure.

  • Fuel on Friday, two vehicles. And $14 for a big metal pipe that didn’t work for the repair we need to do on my Jeep, which is not as fully recovered from hitting a deer as we thought. I will return the pipe, but forgot today while driving right by the farm supply, darn it.
  • Groceries for two houses on Saturday - $80. (Then the forgotten dog and cat food + an emergency jar of artichoke hearts today for $35. :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • No money out yesterday, but we did figure out what’s wrong with the Jeep (the deer also busted the turbo air cooler, which is $$ and not available in the junkyard because roughly three diesel versions of my Jeep were sold in the US during its model year). Then late at night we realized there’s a big crack in the pan of our shower unit (when the water started leaking out from under the wall…) So that will be more $ to repair, hopefully next weekend but apparently it’s a big job - just not quite as much as a replacement would be.
  • Today: $553 for the turbo air cooler, $40 for dog meds, plus the critter food and emergency artichokes above. Oh, and $3.99 + tax for a fabulous tunic at the expensive thrift store.

  • I bought fuel (probably $40).
  • $14 on personal care products.
  • $26 on lunch for two.