Tell me how you are doing ~financially~

Folks - I would love some updates about how you’re doing financially during the pandemic… via voice. Voice memos make the podcast way more fun to listen to. You absolutely do not need to need to leave your name, but saying your location (even vaguely) is nice to hear. You can leave us a voicemail in the U.S. at (503) 877-4338, or you can email us a voice memo to

  • Did you manage to get unemployment if you’ve been trying? How many tries did it take? How long?
  • Are you making more donations?
  • Have your hours been cut?
  • Are you looking at your investments or ignoring them completely?
  • Are you feeling…hopeful? Hopeless? Sad? Listless? Angry?
  • Are you working from home? Do you love it or does it suck?
  • Are you saving money on car insurance?
  • If you’re Canadian are you getting the pandemic payments?
  • Are you spending more or less money right now than before lockdown?
  • Or just…how are you? what do you need?

(You do get a forum badge for submitting a voice memo if that’s tempting!)