Tax prep

Where does everyone like to do their taxes? The past few years I have used credit karma tax. Which I liked but I’m not sure on the new integration with cash app. If you’ve used the new tax prep with cash app I would love to hear about it!


I used freetaxusa last year and found it great, easy to use, free for federal and $8 for state for me ($61K gross single household).

Creditkarma I’m getting less in love with this year, but I used to recommend it. Not great for schedule C’s in my experience.

Unfortunately this year I have to use a CPA because I’m MFJ with an incredibly complicated tax human.


Every year I go to the IRS Free File site and answer the questions; for I think the last two years it’s sent me to TaxAct to do both federal and state for free. One year it sent me to H&R Block; basically I go where it’s free.

This year, we may not qualify because we switched to Roth 457 accounts last year and will do Roth IRAs as well, so AGI will be higher. But likely we’ll squeak under the amount, and things will be simple because for the first time since 2001, I don’t have to file a Schedule C (thanks to Covid).

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Dang it, too old for some of the options now.

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Taxes already? I JUST did my taxes.


I usually use TaxAct, but I’m trying out FreeTaxUSA this year. I don’t really want to pay $100 to file my taxes if I don’t have to.

I haven’t actually FINISHED my taxes, to be clear, so I have no idea how FreeTaxUSA will work out. We have moderately complicated taxes (two incomes, kids, daycare, HSAs, an electric car purchase, we own our house, and my husband does contract work in addition to his W2 job), but so far it seems to be in line with what TaxAct was telling me.

Oh this sounds about like what we have! I’ll check it out.

We go to an accountant to have it done. When it was just me and my one W2 job I would file through H&R Block but with Mr Pug having multiple W2 and 1099 jobs and inherited IRAs, the house, etc. we have someone else do it.