Take an 18 month old on vacation?


We are thinking about going on a trip with our little one. We are thinking around October when she would be 18 months old. Where do you suggest we go? We are not opposed to international travel if we can find inexpensive tickets!

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I’m not a big vacations person, but my brother is and when his eldest was young like yours they headed for a family oriented hotel in a beach area that had poolside rooms with separate rooms for parents and kid. That way they could take junior in the pool without having to travel far, or if they felt like a walk along the beach it was across the road and away they went. The separate bedrooms was handy as junior could have a nap and the could still do stuff in the other rooms.


What do you and your partner like to do on vacation?

Do that, with kiddo :slight_smile:

I know there are certainly exceptions, but we found 18 months to be a sweet spot for doing whatever the heck we wanted - for us, that meant camping and backwoods hiking. Baby was slower walking, of course, but not too big to carry in a pack, and he was so enthralled by EVERYTHING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD at that age it was so much fun for us.

I also made several plane trips per year in those years and that age was the easiest for me for travel, too. But my kiddo was fairly compliant; I can think back on my brother and myself and one of us had a personality that was very defiant and would have been a nightmare on long public trips… I now understand why my parents have always had an RV;)

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We had a trip and flights booked from Australia to San Francisco for right about now with our 9 month old. We have zero regrets about cancelling the trip (life got very busy after we’d booked).
I guess I’m saying moderate your expectations and go easy on yourselves.


We took our kid on a fairly local holiday twice now, around 9 months and 20 months. First time shared a house with my folks, second time by ourselves with a 1 bedroom serviced apartment with a tiny kitchen, pool, next to a beach and walking distance of restaurants and a park. Excellent holiday, but the wall between the bedroom and the rest of the apartment was glass with no curtain so that was rather horrid, trying to sleep. Only an hour’s drive from here, and we don’t fly anywhere, but maybe a similar holiday would be nice near you - some cutesy small town with some decent parks and cafes?


Oh i like that idea. We have some awesome state parks that are close that could be fun!

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Enjoy. have fun.