Superbetter -- anyone tried it?

A gamified version of personal improvement/mental health support, apparently. I remember hearing about it on the TED radio hour.

Oh that looks really cool! Sharing with the kids for sure.

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This looks interesting. Looking into it now.

I tried it a few years ago and you get to a point where you need to share or make friends to move forward and I wasn’t interested in doing that so I stopped. Maybe it’s different now.

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Wizard has a copy of the book and has seen the author talk – I remember him being enthusiastic about it, but I’m not sure if he made any progress on it.

If I remember right, a key part of the premise of Superbetter is that you have a community you check in with.

I’ve read the book in the past but never signed up for the app. Gamification is an interest of mine so I was interested to see it applied to mental health and well-being!

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