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Should we have either an mustachian or just a FIRE sub-forum? Would that be helpful?

Maybe? I don’t want to see this forum become fire dominated. Having a specific thread for that could contain that kind of discussion, or it could make the feel of the forum more about FIRE. Not sure the risk/reward.

If there was one, I would maybe encourage other contrasting threads for other financial theories.


What I would want out of a subforum of that ilk:

  • discussions on tax strategy and investment strategy
  • serious discussions about frugality, make do or do without, etc.

The only one of those things that we don’t have a real setup for is investment strategy – we have a taxes subforum, and a budgeting subforum (which would be a great place for discussing frugality).

I too would hate to see this place become very FIRE-focused – a big part of its charm and loveliness to me is that it’s not. It’s a big group of people from all sorts of different places and backgrounds and points in their lives, and with different goals. I think we have richer discussions because of it.


That’s the main thing I was thinking of; and specifically some things that are FIRE related (US health care for people who don’t work but have access to assets/rollovers).


Would it make sense to have an investments + assets subforum? (Could also be helpful for people thinking about buying/selling a house or car?) Investments seems kinda specific, investments + assets might be too scattered.

Healthcare could easily be a subforum on its own. Even if you’re not FIREing, it can be real hard to figure out (am I eligible for an HSA? how do HDHP plans work? why do I need travel insurance? etc). That might be a highly US-focused subforum, though. :frowning:

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Yes, but honestly, the forum is 82% US-based according to google analytics, and we cover health care on the show ALL the time so it’s important. Only going to get more important if the ACA collapses as predicted.

Maybe an investments sub-forum makes more sense. Assets does seem a little too broad.


I don’t know what either of these are. Maybe a glossary post? :sweat_smile: I’m in an RPG discourse and they have a Google Doc glossary for terminology and acronyms. Unfortunate I don’t think there is a plug-in or whatnot to define things site-wide (yet).

You probably wouldn’t be the target for them!

Yes, I so want to do a glossary post. Even just a flagged/fav’d locked topic with definitions would be good. adds to list


ERE - early retirement extreme. A blog and a book- any income, extreme frugality
MMM - Mr. Money mustache, blog, forum, mustachianism, Twitter, camps, high income
OMD - oh my dollar, book, courses, forum, podcast, Instagram, love, inclusivity, any income
Gail vaz Oxlade- till debt do us part, princess, TV shows, books, excellent divorce advice (she’s been there done that) financial Queen of Canada, hilarious and honest twitter. Any income, doesn’t suffer fools
Suze orman - no idea honestly. I always assumed she was family and good at money and terrifying
Bogle/jack bogle/bogleheads - I just pretend to know. Something about rich people investing?

Emergency fund - money for emergencies
fuck you fund- you can bail yourself out of drama, and say fuck you to an abusive boss or partner and run away and restart
Financial independence - bigger than fuck you. Money is making money. You may or may not need to make money
fire- financial independence (such that you can or might have) retired early
lean Fire - fired but on a tight budget
barista fire - you can retire from a fancy career but gotta work a little (the name is weird because I think baristas work hard, are fancy and make more than me)

I think that a glossary helps to make sense of the chatter around here. Mostly I just fake knowing what’s going on and it works


Roth /ira/tira/401k =American. I nod and smile
TFSA /RRSP = Canadian je comprenne
super /offset mortgage/thinks winter is starting= Aussie. Nod and smile and admire weather


Can confirm accuracy.


@elle’s glossary is now canon

This made me LOL

This made me LOL more.