Student Loan Scam Call

'WARE! We just got a recorded message from a non-Indian sounding personage saying they wanted to talk to us about our outstanding student loan balances. Which for us would be odd. Firstly, we’ve neither of us gone to college, except for a workshop perhaps for 20+ years and secondly because we paid as we went, so left college with $0 college loans.

The accent was anglo or perhaps slightly hispanic. The name given was a last name of “Lopez.”

Again, for us, this is obviously a scam.


I get these nearly every day and I have no student loans. I also get them for my auto loan and I have no car. So fun. Does make it easier to know it is a scam

The other one we get a lot is PayPal, except that only one of us has that and it’s a weird email, they usually get wrong, so we know.

Also the car warranty thing of course.