Stimulus bill prohibits balance billing

The stimulus bill also outlaws surprise medical bills. It’s not great policy in that it’s goingto sendnegotiations to arbitration instead of going with a median amount, but that cost will be paid by insurance companies, so now medical insurance will mean that people can’t be forced into ruin by medical bills.


Hey, so I waited just long enough for a lengthy ER visit! Can’t get surprise bills from emergency treatment as of 1/1; I had to go in and have all the tests on 1/9. TBD how much a CAT scan in the ER costs, but it would cost more with a balance bill thrown in.

(I’m okay - likely ulcer rather than the suspected appendicitis)

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As someone whose work took away ALL out of network coverage in 2021, this is excellent news. I’ve been terrified of being in a situation where I have no choice over who treats me.

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It ended up being its own act, but it still went into effect Jan. 1.