Song of the Day

What’s your jam today? Something to rock out to? Something chill? Post it here. Let’s make a lovely mishmash of songs. Or if you want something new, ask for recs. My musical tastes are a mish mash so I’m looking forward to all the new stuff people like.

Songs that have been stuck in my head lately:
Wait For It - Hamilton
When Can I See You Again? - by Owl City (from Wreck It Ralph, the video’s fun to dance to)
September - Earth, Wind, and Fire


I like a lot of the songs on Ava Max’s new album “ Heaven and Hell” some have been out as singles for quite some time.

Got into Ed Sheeran recently. I had some of his songs on my playlist but recently added a bunch more. My favorite is probably “Eraser”.

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Canadiana nostalgia

Echo Beach - Martha & the Muffins
Stompa - Serena Ryder


On high repeat right now in my house, Garden by Nahko and Medicine for the People.

It’s in my head right now :laughing:


This was a nice song to start my morning.

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It’s soothing and comforting to me

I love Nahko :heart_eyes: He’s the nicest person with such a healthy outlook on life.

One of my favorite Nahko memories is him on-topic serenading my then boyfriend while boyfriend was using the commode :laughing:

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Halsey is another artist I love. Lots of great songs, my favorite is probably “Strangers”

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Today’s songs to cheer me up and get me moving:

Baby Groot dancing to Mr. Blue Sky

Linsey Stirling’s Roundtable Rival


We listen to a lot of Lindsey Stirling here! She’s the main reason Bard wanted to learn the violin

Holy crap, Youtube suggested this video of her performing live. Playing that song AND dancing the whole time?!? She gets more exercise in one concert than I’ve been getting in a week, wow. Bard picked an amazing role model!


So, I generally avoid music, even more so when training but I was feeling sluggish today. Y’all remember Dethklok and the Dethalbum? I’m not usually one for comedic metal albums, but this stuff hits all the tropes perfectly.

So, hype music for the gym



Makes me want to get the old band back together…