So...the day the forums went down

So, @aaronpk attempted to do a very simple upgrade this Sunday morning to the forums, which ended up turning into a 10 hour disaster of the forums being down. Someday we might chronicle what happened overall, but essentially we didn’t know what was going on with the forums - all the posts were showing up in the source code but weren’t rendering.

Turns out that actually the simple upgrade didn’t play well with our reaction emoji plugin, and…it took many hours and rebuilding the database of every post twice.

So…no reaction emojis for now. We will try to work with the person who made the reaction emoji plugin to get them to make it stable on the latest version of the forum software.

And I hope you got some time outside or petting a cat or something on your Sunday/Monday morning without the forums. But umm, don’t abandon us forever please?


It stopped me from procrastinating at work, so that may be a good thing?


I know I am very worried everyone is going to discover how productive they are without the forums…


Thanks for working so hard to get everything back up!
I missssseeed this place. :heart:


Good news: We’re being unproductive on purpose. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I quit tracking my time because ~everything~ so I can’t tell you exactly how much time I spend on the forums while also petting a cat, but I can definitely do both at the same time :smile_cat:


It’s because you have enough cats. I have learned, if you only have one cat and two people, it decreases ratio of petting a cat for each person. Solution: get more cats, then one can peruse the forums and pet a cat more often.


This is true. Two cats per human seems like it should be a good ratio, except that the kittens usually sit by me and Bast doesn’t believe in cuddling. So clearly we need more cats so my husband isn’t left out :joy_cat:


I just found different things to procrastinate with, so now that the forums are back up, I need to catch up on them too so I’ve been extra unproductive at work today :rofl:


Never fear! I’ve been through other forum shut downs and reddit going down and it hasn’t stopped me from being an utter slacker at work. I like you guys! It would take way more than this to stop me clicking hopefully way too many times per day.


I didn’t discover it was being uncooperative until evening anyway, too busy planting squash and helping husband get the last-minute things set up for his summer classes which started this morning. But I did discover that I’m fairly lost without the forum yesterday evening. :slight_smile:


We had End Times apocalyptic rain all day and all night so I definitely missed the forums as going outside was inadvisable. But I found other ways to not get shit done. I did cook though?


It’s not a real forum until it goes does because of some minor plug-in conflict. I’m so sorry you and aaronpk had to spend so much time troubleshooting, but really happy to be back!


I washed a dish and then went back to bed. Reasonably certain that the state of the forums had no bearing on either of these things :slight_smile: