Single’s Inferno Season 2

Starting a thread in order to try and convince folks to watch Single’s Inferno with me.

Do you want to watch really good looking people flirt chastely with each other? A fan of Love is Blind Japan? Highly highly recommend.

A sampling of the beautiful people on this show:

Also, there are four people on the show “watching” and commenting alongside the audience, which I really enjoy!


This is exactly up my alley. Thank you for alerting me to it.

Sign me up! Though unfortunately it doesn’t seem like a good show to watch while exercising because there are subtitles :slight_smile:

This article describes the show and what makes it unique!

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In my mind it’s a dating show where all the contestants have to be volunteer firefighters and learn to fight actual fires while flirting in like 40 pounds of gear. I refuse to accept another possibility.


In Too Hot To Handle, a dozen metalworkers teach each other the ancient methods for forging exquisitely designed weaponry, which they must sell on the black market to fund their honeymoon. The dark relationships they form are vital to fulfilling their dreams of a lavish, romantic retreat, but will their feelings cool too fast?


In Love is Blind, a bunch of people get to know each other without ever seeing each other, and get engaged. Everything falls apart after that.

Oh wait.


If you want a career in copywriting lmk.