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If I make on average a pair of socks a week, I have less than 16 months of yarn stash.

Did I just buy 2 more sets of sock needles just in case these bamboo ones snap? Yes.


These socks are 3x1 rib.

The sweater is stockinette flat with a 3 stitch cable in the middle on 3 rows out of 22.

No brainpower required atm.


Here’s my low brainpower knit atm:

Making progress!


Sock 2


Stalled on my hat. I’ve posted in the daily “Ask a Knitter” thread in, but I’m day late on that particular stickied thread and I’m hoping someone here may have some suggestions!

I’m working on the Susitna Hat by Mara Catherine Bryner. I emailed the designer a couple of days ago and haven’t heard back, and I really want to continue knitting this hat, so I hope someone here can help.

I’m stuck at Row 63.

Context: The hat implements German short rows (GSR) to add striping through the hat. Usually when you switch colors, you purl an additional stitch past the beginning of row, turn the work, pass the stitch back, work it with the new color.

Beginning at Row 63, you continue to use the GSR, you stop turning the work half the time, and the instructions no longer include that additional stitch that you pass back.

I’m finding that I’m now getting a gap in the work when I switch colors, where I would have done the stitch pass before.

There are no comments mentioning this on the pattern page, I find the pattern itself difficult to read in the first place. Any thoughts?

I’m the meantime, I’ve returned to swatching for my cowl design. I decided it would be easier to keep an ongoing spreadsheet that flip back and forth in my sketchbook and hope I wasn’t screwing up the math (I definitely already screwed up the math that way).


do they expect you to twist the yarns around each other when you switch?

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More traveling afghan progress!


They don’t say! Should that solve the problem?

Often that is how one stops holes appearing in colourwork, so maybe.

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Thank you, I’ll give that a go!

I’ve never done any proper colorwork before, I suppose this would count as my first.

When I feel like switching back, of course! I’ve made it halfway through the first Embossed Leaf motif on the swatch, I think I’ll finish it before switching.

This swatch is going WAY faster with continental knit/Norwegian purl.


First distancing socks are completed (yarn bought specially in anticipation of reduced in person shopping ability).

They are in the mail, and now I have started a pair for a late bday present to a west coast friend.


Help! I can’t find an interchangeable needle cable for the cardigan I want to start. I found one in a baby cardigan and one broken one in a different project. I should have at least two others, but they are nowhere to be found (and shouldn’t be in any other WIPs, though at least one WIP is also missing).

Note that cost is not a factor, since I have a KnitPicks gift card.

Should I:

  • Finish the baby cardigan
  • Frog the baby cardigan
  • Buy a fancy new cable set from KnitPicks and wait possibly a long time for shipping due to COVID-19

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Is there any way to find out how long shipping from knitpicks would be?

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You can put the baby cardigan onto a standalone lifeline - just run another yarn through all the stitches, tie it in a circle, and pull out the cable. I’ve done this before without any issue; no problems getting it back on the cable later for me.


I heard from a woman in my crochet group (we met over zoom today) that knitpicks closed for a while? Haven’t verified, though.

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They’re still technically receiving orders, but they’re not shipping orders until at least mid-April/whenever things call down.


I made some socks in 2013 which I love so much, I’ve never put them into rotation (Sock A). And I realized this morning that I have no idea which heel I’ve used on them. The ‘pattern’ doesn’t come with a written heel, the heel I thought it was has a gusset and this sock does not, and all my Ravelry notes say is ‘short row heel’. Thanks past self.

So then I went into Ravelry to see if I had another pair of socks made around that time which had a short row heel identified. And it turns out that for a pair of socks (Sock B) I had given away even though they fit beautifully I noted that I replaced the heel with a short row heel, and I wrote out what that heel was.

But! all I had remembered was that I really liked the heel on sock B, so for the past 7 years I’ve been using the heel as written in the pattern for a bunch of other socks and not the actual heel I used for those socks.

On the plus side, it means I don’t need to worry about deciding when to start gusset increases.


They’re not shipping anything until at least April 6, and I would expect that to be extended.

Duh, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that myself! Thank you!


I hate frogging unnecessarily because I have to do it for Actual Reasons so often. All bless the lifeline!