Share your overpriced shack house listings 🏚

Got any horror stories or really awful listings, share them below so I can add them on the stream! We’re going to express our frustration at the housing market by making fun of overpriced houses

The housing market, especially in the US and Canada, is absolutely not OK right now. Tear-down shacks are selling for millions, algorithms are outbidding real humans, and rent is going up like crazy. The rent is too damn high, and we’ve got to fix it. Today on the livestream we’ll look at your worst examples of ridiculous zillow prices and talk about what’s underneath all the issues in the housing market economy.

Live TODAY Sunday April 17th 2022 at 5 PM PDT, 8PM EDT and at 1AM BST* - Monday 8AM AWST*, 10AM AEDT* - hit the :bell: button on youtube to get notified.


here’s one to start with. $627,000 for this


That’s actually right down the street from me! I heard that the reason it went for so much is that it’s two lots. The original house looks completely updated now, but I’m not sure if they’re going to build another house on the adjoining lot.


Oh god, there are SO MANY here but I am not home and don’t have time to search some of them out. I will watch this later though!

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May I introduce you to “the poop house” which sold in Colorado Springs last year.

I was told the realtor would not let it be sold “scent un-smelled”


Damn :flushed::flushed::flushed:

I feel like @Tardis may have some Canada ones to add to the pile!


I don’t want to give this topic any more of my energy.


Join the livestream in 10 minutes to roast them and exorcise some demons?


Missed the Livestream but here’s one that just came across my feed:



This isn’t over just because the livestream happened, right?

I present “deferred maintenance”

(FWIW, 800k is a bargain in that neighborhood, 1M+ is the norm)


I say this then something too good not to share falls in my lap. To hit affordability standards, one would would have to be making $80k and in return you can live in a windowless crappy basement suite in subdivision too new to have places to work. Or if you make $20/hr then you have roughly $10k or less after taxes for everything else for the entire year other than literal rent and not even including utilities or a car/transit to get to work from that subdivision. Minimum wage is about $15.