Share your food storage!

I know I’m not the only one interested in seeing what food people have and how they store it. Share your fridge, freezer, pantry, larder pics here. Clever and ridiculous organisation ideas welcome!

This is my pantry. I love the IKEA plastic tubs and bamboo boxes, and wish my shelves were just a little further apart to fit stuff standing upright!


I love this thread idea! I am such a snoop when it comes to seeing photos of day to day living :grin:

I need to reorganize my kitchen now that I have it all to myself. I discovered yesterday there’s an entire cupboard full of perfectly good food (sealed coffee beans! Coconut oil! Nutella!) that I hadn’t looked in for several years because it wasn’t one of “mine”.


Oooh I love this. As soon as I pry myself out of my chair, I’ll go take photos!


Oooo yes! Taking photos when I get home (or, um, maybe after I actually get all of my spices moved over?)

Our food storage is Quizzical, I will say.

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My main food storage below. Some additional overflow lives out in the garage by our chest freezer, which also stores food.

For the record, we did not pick the eyebleeding shade of yellow it is currently painted.


First food sections. The main pantry.

They are very deep, so it’s a system of double stacked jars and bins of lesser used items.


Our house came with a pantry that has shelves on the outer door, inner shelves on hinges, and then deep shelves way in the back. I try to keep things that we’re planning to use soon near the front. The back is for things we buy in bulk and/or things we try not to eat too much of, like our emergency Mac and cheese for days we just can’t get it together enough to cook but don’t want to spend money on takeout.

I had all our spices alphabetized when we moved in but apparently he didn’t realize I did that. This reminded me to ask him to fix it, so hopefully in the future I’ll be able to find them faster.


I love that style of pantry! I think it’s a lot more efficient use of space than the modern giant-closet style. But I also think I like a lot of things in your house because it reminds me of my house/friends’ houses when I was a kid :slight_smile:


I’ve never seen a pantry like this before and I loooove it


@katscratch @Qristy I love how efficiently it uses space! I don’t love having to pull my kittens out of the back—they think it’s the greatest fun ever to climb in.


Pantry goals. I love this kind of storage

My teeny tiny ‘can hardly even call itself a pantry’ closet is jealous


Studio apartment activate! (Mostly food is stored in the fridge.)