Shameless Plugs

Do we have a thread for this yet?

Well, I know lots of us are doing the start up and side hustle thing. And some of our friends are too, probably, especially as the economy eats $H#+. So, this is a thread to rave about your latest product launch, published book, etsy shop, etc. Or your friends cool art commissions and what not. Or your moms idk.

Can dovetail to include awesome local businesses you generally want to shout out.


Here I am being the first shameless shamington:

My friend wrote a kids book on Pando, a network of trees that is apparently super ecologically neat and some kind of natural wonder found in the US. Clearly I am in need of her book because I’m a suburban horror who can barely stand the outdoors let alone natural wonder.

It is on preorder. Don’t let your kids be monstrosities like me. Have them appreciate the world outside their nintendo (what do kids play now ?)

If you hate Amazon, it is also on Barnes and Nobles and Indie Stores


Okay it’s me again back at lightening speed. ANOTHER friend of mine’s wife wrote a book about Eid. If you are a parent who is kinda into the idea of their kid knowing about other faiths, this might be neat for you.

Not that I’m judging you if you’re not that kind of parent. I would never do that.


Hi, I wrote a porn once, but if someone wants to link something neutral in-between kids books and erotica, I make twelve cents every time someone with kindle unlimited reads it.

I also will probably put out some other books soon, and I can do yoga and pain/wellness consulting from home


A friend of mine makes these amazing printable mindfulness worksheets.


Awwww this is the best :heart_eyes:

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My friend is a very talented writer. This is her latest.