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If I’m ever lucky enough to own a home here I will definitely get a rain barrel. Lots of folks have them here.

These days I’ve been saving water that runs while the shower warms up and using that for plants. Better than nothing.

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I have 2 small buckets (Joseph Joseph) that I use, 1 for dishwashing the other normally stores lids for the plastic freezer containers and I use it when I process bulk buys.

Given the world-wide drought, I decided I had to do something with the water I was wasting while waiting for it to get hot. I wash 1 load of dishes by hand, daily. Seems if I don’t, there’s always a backlog.

Anyway, I dug out the bulk/lid bin. Put it under the faucet while the water was getting hot. Almost filled it. PUt it on the floor full of water. Put the other one under the faucet and got about 1/2 a bucket warm water. Added soap, soaped down the dishes. Pulled the plug. Took the dish pan out of the sink, put in the bucket of clean, but cold water. Rinsed the soap off the dishes. Took it out of the sink. Put the dish bucket back in. Ran the hot water in it and sterilized the dishes and put them in a drainer.

I’ve done this for the past 2 days.

I probably used the same amount of water overall … but I"m working on it! If I could bottle the water instead, it would be a lot easier. I have small bottles and huge ones, nothing much in between.

Hm. I haven’t changed out the emergency water for a while. I could maybe do that? That will use a day or two’s worth. It won’t give me a new routine, but it won’t be quite so insane either.


For what it’s worth, even while handwashing dishes, I never sanitized and no one ever got sick as far as I know. Soap and warm/hot wash and then drying seemed to kill enough nasties.

Now we use the dishwasher because a modern energy star rated one uses 4gal water per cycle or less (and about as much energy as our computers, probably), and I’m pretty sure I use more even when I use a basin to wash/rinse.

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I haven’t necessarily seen this reflected in my utility bill, but I finally hung up my honey-comb style blinds in my office, and the comfort level of that room has skyrocketed. It used to be perceptibly hotter walking into the room with the old wooden blinds. With the cellular/honey comb blinds, it feels the same temp as the hallways, and bonus: its much lighter since I’m not using blackout blinds in that room.


Oh that is good information, now im thinking I may need some for our office