Save money on gas! (USA?)

Yesterday I looked up gas stations on Google Maps on my phone and it showed locations as well as prices! So I went one block out of my way and saved $2 compared to getting it at the gas station close to work like we normally do ($0.30/gallon cheaper, and $0.60/gallon cheaper than the one close to home!).

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You might like the gasbuddy app, which allows you to search in similar way (GPS/location specific map). I’ve used that, especially when I don’t know which of several gas stations is likely to be cheaper.

Cool! Since Google Maps does this for me, I don’t need to install anything extra :slight_smile:

Wow, how cool. Didn’t know Google would do prices (though it doesn’t seem to do diesel at all, still a low price for regular gas usually translates into a low price for diesel, and I already know which ones do and don’t have diesel.

(You guys would be shocked at how many are closed now near me - it’s nighttime, after all. Though I did discover there’s a 24 hour place ten miles away, which I didn’t know and which might come in handy.)

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@rural it’s a new feature that wasn’t there in early March!

Ah, that makes sense.