Reply box too big

Started yesterday? Looks like this:

It’s scrollable and usable but clunky and inconvenient.

Im on a Galaxy S21, Android version 12, oneUI 4.1 (according to my settings)


Lemme see.

That’s been happening on my ipad for quite awhile. It doesn’t happen every time, but most times. I am able to scroll up and use it still, but a little inconvenient.


what is your browser?

On Firefox, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Android 12 / OneUI 4.


I’m using the OMD app which I believe runs through Chrome.

ETA I think it used to take up half the screen so I could see some of the posts behind it? Or what neo has. I can’t remember at the moment lol.


On my end it is Safari.

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However I just tried to make it happen and it didn’t Just the whole screen now, which is better than bigger than the screen. Not sure when it got fixed or if it is a random glitch?

OMG is it going to start getting bigger and bigger???


Same here on a pixel in chrome



It’s normal if I minimize the keyboard but balloons if I actually start typing. Not sure this is helping just providing available observations.

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Huh ok mine is too big now too. Using a chrome “app”, on Pixel 4a.

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Same here.

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Mine also became too big staring maybe a week ago. Same as Gqliver, i can shrink it by lowering the key board. But it’s annoying.

Pixel 6 android
Google chrome.

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brings new meaning to the phrase “reply all”