Remote Jobs Thread

There’s a lot of places to search for jobs and we are all very spread out, but since so much work is suddenly remote-friendly and a LOT of folks are searching for work right now, I thought we could have a thread to post remote-friendly jobs we’ve seen.


Starting off:

NYC is hiring an army of contact tracers! These are full-time, remote, call center jobs.

Titles: Public Health Advisor I and II.

Apply here. Spread widely

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Great idea for a thread! I will be following.
Boyfriend is job hunting for remote work only, and the number of jobs that are like “yeah, remote now, but as soon as the governor lifts restrictions we want you butt in seat in Faraway Suburb that Has Absolutely No Public Transport” when he actually talks to the recruiter. It’s super frustrating. Why not be upfront and honest about what you want?

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My job is hiring!

Anyone know someone who is tech-saavy but not a developer (i.e. shouldn’t be afraid of excel or web interfaces, ideally also knows how to submit things via github and a tiny bit of SQL to be dangerous) that is looking for a decently-paid data job?

Currently we’re all remote, and one of the team members lives in costa rica, so I don’t think being portland-based is necessary. In “normal times” people are Portland based and required to do 4 hours of office hours per week.

Pay is $40-$55K range, FT job, has health insurance (100% employer covered premium), 22 days of PTO/Sick/holiday per year and 3% employer contribution to Simple IRA. Profit sharing. Work hours are flexible but have to be within 7AM - 7PM PST time range, M-F. Diversity-friendly workplace, plenty of queer, immigrant, and BIPOC here. 100% non-evil company, literally trying to be a very good actor in the world.

No posting listed yet, I think we’re still working on the internal process to get someone, but it seems likely to happen. We’re encouraged to forward folks internally.

It’s a good, well-paying, low-stress job. Definitely a lil boring unless you LOVE looking at PDFs and bad websites of rural transit agencies. Liking and understanding transit is a plus. If you understand GTFS spec, you’re a shoe-in


Just got an email about this:

The Open Food Network is a global team of farmers, technologists, and food
systems advocates who believe that to build a better food system, we need to
work together in new ways. We think it’s possible to create a food system with
social and ecological health at its core. We are a not-for-profit organisation
building tools for food systems that are fair, local, and transparent. We
create resources that help community food enterprises thrive. How we work to
create the global commons that supports this is as important to us as what we

We’re looking for an experienced, well-connected development professional to
work with the global team to create and execute strategies that will power and
support our work now and in the future. Part time now, choose your own
adventure in the future. Please see the job description for more information
and to learn how to apply:

ETA: email subject line says it’s remote


Remote for company based in Stockholm (Americans looking for European benefits!!!):

We’re looking for a person who’s excited to:

  • Help our business customers act to limit & reverse their carbon footprint, by
  • conducting carbon footprint calculations (GHG accounting) for companies and other cases, and
  • taking responsibility for account management for our business customers
  • managing business development with current & future partners

Part-time job for Dollar Flight Club:


  • You love to travel.
  • At least 1-2 years experience in customer support, preferably in the B2C space.
  • Ability to work 20 hours per week.
  • Superior written communication skills.
  • Ability to work well across teams, take feedback, and implement new strategies.
  • Experience working remotely.
  • You’re empathetic to users and can easily put yourself in their shoes
  • You obsess over the details
  • You love solving problems.
  • You love to write
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