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That depends on if the dragon is a person in the eyes of the state (y’know, like corporations are people).

They may refer to the April 2018 decision that a macaque could not be the copyright holder for a selfie or took. Monkey selfie copyright dispute - Wikipedia


That article was fascinating - I had no idea there had been cases about that! Thanks for sharing!


I remember that! It was a great photo.

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We need more information on the dragon, what level of sentience/intelligence does it possess?


I believe that Treasure Hoard and salvage are reported and taxed as regular income.


I’m assuming this is related to gaming, otherwise I have no idea what it means to defeat a dragon and acquire the hoard.

US citizens are required to report all worldwide income so it must be reported.

If you earned this money as part of a business that you run with a profit motive, for example if you were a professional gamer, you would report it on a Sch C. You could deduct expenses and would be responsible for self-employment taxes if your net profits exceeded $400.

Otherwise you would report it as hobby income on (I believe) line 8something of Sch 1. You can’t deduct expenses but there would be no self-employment taxes.

If the income were taxed in another country, you might be able to use either the foreign earned income exclusion or the foreign tax credit to avoid double taxation.

You should of course consult with a tax professional at tax time who understands your whole situation.


Oh I’m just being silly - my 5 am brain was wondering what the tax implications would look like if the defeat of a dragon like Smaug from The Hobbit happened in the US lol.


This is why we are friends :joy: :joy: :joy:


It made me smile: a perfect random question!


I know anomalily has done a lecture/course on the Economics of the Wizarding World (Harry Potter). I feel like someone should write a follow-on course on Tax Implications of Defeating a Dragon (at home and abroad).


I would watch that.

The Shire is definitely not in America, so it’s important to recognize their government and taxation system. From Reddit:

The Shire’s government is limited, but it does exist. It’s mentioned in the main text of Lord of the Rings, and explained in more detail in the appendix.

In short, there are two political leaders of the Shire, neither of whom exercise much power due to the limited scope of Hobbit government. The first is the Thain of the Shire, who is essentially the head of state. The Thainship is hereditary. Pipin was the heir apparent at the time of the LotR. The Thain commands the Shire’s militia forces, known as the Hobbitry-in-arms.

The other main political figure was the Mayor (titled Mayor of Michel Delving, the Shire’s largest town, but elected by the entire Shire), who was essentially the head of government. The sherifs and postmen of the Shire were under his responsibility. While the postal service was an important part of the shire, the sherifs were limited and didn’t have much to do in such a well-behaved society.

There was also the Master of Buckland, but this seems to have been a more informal and familial position, rather than a seat of state power.

We also know that the Shire had a rather complex system of common law, which is law rooted heavily in tradition and precedent. This is made clear when Bilbo’s will is examined early in the Fellowship of the Ring, when the number of witness signatures on the will and even the color their ink is a matter of legal concern.

With such a small government taxation is likely to be low and very simple. Maybe a flat tax? There are no monitored border crossings, so no import or export dues. Apparently no inheritance tax, although maybe the books skipped that when Frodo inherited.
It’s likely that because hobbits don’t traditionally go adventuring there is no policy regarding riches acquired through robbing dragons or participating in larger world events.


something here about mathoms and the tradition of the wealthiest hobbits being expected to give many gifts at their birthday


This is a randomly specific question but who knows, maybe someone can help. I’m on topiramate (Topamax?) for headaches/migraines, and it was going ok at 50mg so they upped me to 75mg. This went from one (50mg) pill to three (25mg) pills, and as crazy as it sounds, I feel like I almost started taking a different drug, rather than just a bit more of the same. I let them know that I do not like it, and I am now back to the 50mg which is where I will stay.

HOWEVER: my biggest horrible side effect was hair loss. I am Jo March. It is vain, but my hair is my one beauty (ha!). I lost about half of it in the last two months. Aside from dropping back down on the medication, and adding biotin (looked up on labdoor), what else can I do? I’m freaking out. My braid is half its thickness and my shower is full every day. FULL.


How is your appetite? My nausea on topamax was reduced, plus extreme nausea and my list of tolerated foods was almost nothing. Maybe prenatal vitamins to cover anything missing for a while

My hair thickness never recovered from a different med. Now I’m paranoid that topamax which I started soon after that med also caused issues. bamboo tea helped - I think it’s a form of silica. I also use the hair potion stuff from the ordinary. When I use it a few times a week for at least 6 weeks it helps, but after a few months of helping it stops helping.

What I’ve seen work beautifully on patients (massage patients who also had money) was PRP. I was waiting to finish pregnancy and breastfeeding, now I’m waiting for me to go back to work.

This is totally an area of try anything that won’t hurt me for me.

*thanks First line epilepsy meds for: hair loss, irreversible weight gain, tremor and more!


My appetite is meh (weight loss on it), but I’m not sad about that, because my appetite before was, ‘eat anything and everything 24/7.’ I don’t have nausea or weight gain - literally everything else seems fine. I’m off to Google PRP, hair potion, bamboo tea, and silica, thank you!! I agree - there isn’t anything here I won’t attempt, and I will throw money at this. I do take a daily prenatal, vitamin D, and iron chelate already.


I’d ask for a blood workup including thyroid and B12. My hair loss seems to be from the low B12 (potentially related to being on oral BC) and has improved since starting monthly B12 injections. I went in to see my PCP specifically for hair loss since it had noticably changed and those were her two concerns. My thyroid looks fine but B12 was almost critically low.


My dermatologist claims PRP does not work - which may just mean it works for a certain subset of people, but not enough to shift the results of the total. She also said those red light caps don’t work.

Minoxidil (5% solution) + spironolactone (prescription required). Spironolactone might not be an option if future pregnancies are desired. Minoxidil is OTC - very cheap from Costco (liquid form, foam is more expensive)

Anecdotal information suggests Rosemary oil might help - but again, data is iffy.


Oh interesting, I just started slironolactone this week so maytill see continued improvements (although I dislike how it makes me feel and how much I need to pee so I’m not sure if I’ll stick with it after the first 4-6 weeks … )


It’s been used as a potassium-saving high blood pressure med, and a diuretic. I might have to pee more, but I don’t have other side effects. Costco is my cheapest source - about 40% of the cost at CVS with insurance (my insurance requires I use CVS for prescriptions for chronic conditions).


N also had hair loss on topamax for migraines. In their case it exacerbated a receding hairline and the hair loss stoped almost immediately after stopping topamax (not due to hair loss but due to other side effects). Their hairstylist has recommended microneedling and minoxidil on the bare spots. Not sure how that would work for overall thinning.