Questions about Anti-Capitalist Investing for our Guest?

Do you have questions about anti-capitalist investing?

This week on the livestream we’re joined by my boss, Chaim Victor Schramm, CFS®, CAS®, AIF® about how to navigate living in a capitalist financial system and investing for your future when you’re skeptical about participating in capitalist financial systems.

How do you ensure your own financial safety and security while being anti-capitalist? How do you become rich when you want to eat the rich?

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Is there a way to be anti-capitalist as a casual investor?

I like set it and forget it investing with diversified funds. Usually I check my balances monthly but I haven’t even done that the last few months because life’s been busy. I have no idea what businesses even make up the funds I invest in. Anti-capitalist investing seems like it would be a lot more hands on.

Also, to back it up a bit, doesn’t participating in investing at all feed capitalism?


Is there an easy way to evaluate esg funds or are they all basically bullshit?


I don’t have any specific questions because I’d kind of given up on this as a possibility. Which is to say, I’m super excited for this stream! Very eager to hear any discussion around this topic.


Okay only somewhat diversified, one account is entirely a target date fund. Another account has:
Van Total International Stock
Vanguard Mid Cap Index
Vanguard Institutional Index
Vanguard Small Cap Index
Vanguard Total Bond Mkt Index

so if I want to make my investments anti-capitalist do I need to investigate six things? Or probably more? Because I’m already tired just considering that. But if you’re able to walk through examining even one of those as a real life example, I’d appreciate it. Considering I’m posting this less than 24 hours before the stream it might be too short notice though.


Watching the recording now—this is both a) not what I thought it was going to be and b) way better. I don’t know why but I didn’t even consider that “ethically investing” could look like passively investing so that your energies could focus on community building and political action, the things that need to happen to actually change the system we live in, more so than any one single investor getting in the weeds of picking stocks and somehow getting a seat at the board table or whatever unlikely thing would influence the way a company is run. Thanks for doing this!!


Yeah that’s part of why I posted specific investments above - I didn’t expect a drill down if this one’s in particular but it was more of a way of showing “this exact spot is where my knowledge ends. Right here.” and I expected the response to be “okay research two or three layers beyond that” and maybe turn into the Portlandia chicken sketch lol. It ended up being the opposite! That was great, thank you.