PSLF Waiver

Hey all. I caught NPR’s The Takeaway on my way in to work and they were discussing the PSLF Waiver program. Apparently there is a concern that lots of people who qualify are not hearing about the waiver. Posting here in case that includes any OMDers

What I gathered is that:

  • You can retroactively count payments that previously didn’t qualify for various reasons k
    (eg late, you were on the wrong loan type or payment plan, etc) as long as you were working for a qualified public service at the time
  • You can apply if you didn’t previously realize you were eligible
  • You must apply by Oct 31 when the waiver expires
  • There is no special application process for the waiver, you just apply to PSLF.
  • Any of this might be wrong so please correct me and provide your insights!

Forbes seemed to have a good summary: Education Department Urges Borrowers To Apply For Student Loan Forgiveness Before October Deadline

The Takeaway: The Takeaway : NPR (today’s episode doesn’t seem to be up yet?)

DoE page: Federal Student Aid


Responding to bump, so important to spread the info.


Good for you for posting this! I’m the only person I know or have ever met who got PSLF before this waiver. It’s really important to get an application in before the deadline- many more payments will count that way, potentially getting to forgiveness years sooner.

For those on Facebook, there’s a group called Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) that will walk you through the ins and outs ( check the pinned posts and FAQ). If you can’t handle the book of faces, the general info on r/PSLF is also good, just with more noise to the signal.


One more important point: some types of loans are being qualified under the waiver that were not before, but for these you’ll need to consolidate into a federal direct loan, which takes time. So it’s important to get in it quickly!

Repeated for emphasis: the federal student aid info page on the waiver, which talks through how to figure out what loans you have and how to get started. Federal Student Aid

I don't have any myself

I got a full tuition scholarship, and family loan assistance for room/board/life totaling ~25k which I paid back 2 years ago now, plus offset about 2 semesters with summer work :muscle: :brain:

It’s definitely a privilege but also I wasn’t eligible for federal assistance due to being on an H4 visa at the time, despite living in the US over 10 years. Felt very unfair :angry:

But I do appreciate my parents stretching their budget to afford that 6-8k/yr for me. 🥹

… but I do relate to that burden as a member of my generation so it catches my ear and I want people to know. Glad you came in to share your experience. :blush:


Huh, I was pretty sure I didn’t qualify for any of the waiver stuff (but am pursuing regular PSLF) but I have a few months of economic hardship deferment on my loans that may end up counting based on the FAQ linked via NPR. I’ll have to see what happens with it!

I should qualify for regular PSLF around January 2028ish but I am glad the waiver is out there to make it easier for others! I ended up with entirely Federal Direct Loans which has simplified my process considerably.