Pregnancy is weird

Congratulations Greyman on your parental panic attack!

But seriously so happy you got good news!


Lol my solution was to quit shaving anything altogether but I admit I am on the other end of the spectrum for such things.


Aaaaaa great news!! :tada:

Why does it feel like someone keeps PINCHING MY FUCKING UTERUS OW.


Would you all be up for a little reassurance seeking?

I did something twice that I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to do, that could have had the impact of raising my body temp. I won’t do it anymore. Every pregnancy that turns out fine includes a couple of oops I shouldn’t have done that moments, right?


Yes absolutely. And also some cultures have sauna culture and some people live in hot places


You’re so wise, thank you! Two of embryos grandparents are from hot places and they exist, it’s fine.


It probably did not raise your body temperature that high. Because I love hot baths, I was literally checking my temperature in the hot bath to make sure that it was not going too high, and it did not go even to 100. My niece and I spent a lot of time in the hot tub on vacation, with it set to 100°, although we were further along at that time. But seriously, I don’t think you have to worry that you accidentally raised your body temperature to 101.4.


You know how when you start running a fever, you kind of feel it? Your body will likely tell you if it’s starting to get too hot. You don’t want to start to feel fainty and things but if you’re still comfortable you’re probably fine.


Yep. I took a hot bath with Latte in the third tri that just sent alarm bells. It was OBVIOUS when my body said “no”. Same with laying flat on my back. I had a bad reaction once and it was OBVIOUS. Zero point zero percent subtlety.


With 2 I used hot tubs several times. My body was clear about how much body to put in and for how long (usually this meant sitting on the top edge with my knees to feet in) occasional dunks.


Yep. I did have a fever with Pumpkin in first trimester and we got it back down with meds and she is fine.


I love the part of appointments where I’m waiting for the doctor for an unspecified amount of time with a blanket on my lap and a light breeze blowing past my butt crack.


I have never had that issue at assortments but that definitely sounds like an experience

I’m sick of burping. I’m sick of farting. I’m sick of sweating. :weary:


Pregnancy is so beautiful…


We always made jokes about how I farted and burped like crazy while pregnant. Then after pregnancy it stayed around and I blamed it on the breast feeding hormones. Now a year after stopping bf I still burp and fart all day everyday. I guess it just stuck around for good :joy:


I have a question around eating and labor.

I am reading that the suggestions for nothing except sips of water is super outdated. The risks of eating seem to be the same for surgery - aspiration during full anesthesia if there is an emergency.

I personally am going to REALLY struggle with no calories during a hard physical effort. I have a history of fainting when I am low on food and I get really dejected/weak (both mentally and physically) when I don’t fuel myself.

I know some women throw up during labor and don’t want food, and this could end up being me, who knows? My plan was to bring my running snacks that are about 100 calories of carbs (not ones with caffeine) that are either gels or blocks and some carbohydrate drinks (body armor, tailwind, etc). This seems to be the perfect amount for me personally to keep going during endurance events and is not a lot in the stomach.

I don’t think it is totally fair to compare my ultra marathon experience to labor but when I am in an ultra and I am starting to question everything and want to give up, I almost always realize I need fuel. Then I take a gel and 10 minutes later feel like I can do it again.

I am wondering how hard I should push (lol pun intended) on the hospital policy of only allowing clear liquids during labor. I know they aren’t going to kick me out in the middle of labor but I am such a rule follower.

TL/DR. I know myself and know I need fuel during endurance efforts. The hospital policy is clear liquids only. I have read that the risks of eating are very low and some countries have actually changed the recommendations to allow low risk laboring people to eat food. How do I get my preferences honored?

P.S. I am happy with almost everything else about where we are giving birth. Extremely wonderful staff and rooms, everything else seems perfect except for the food thing so I am not interested in changing our birth location.


I have forgotten a lot of details on this, but I am also a person who falters badly when my body needs fuel and doesn’t get it. My doula shared some very useful details for me especially around the specific risks re: aspiration.

Once the hospital confirmed I was being admitted for delivery, I ordered 4 bagel sandwiches and asked spouse to pick them up while he was parking the car. They ended up being very clutch for both of us! I ended up eating two turkey sandwiches earlier during my 23h labor when things were pretty boring, and a bunch of shot blocks/juice towards the end as it intensified.

Apparently if you do need surgery, you can tell them you’ve eaten solids and they will give you something to prevent aspiration. I forgot if it simply makes you vomit, or if it does something else. Fortunately I didn’t have to test this. It’s funny how much I’ve forgotten about the specifics, but I’m meeting my doula tonight so I can get the details again and share back.


My midwives said the no eating thing was an anesthesiologist rule, so it was dependent on whether or not you wanted an epidural. I could be remembering wrong

ETA: my labor progressed quickly and included vomiting so I wasn’t interested in eating