Pregnancy is weird



I’m soo tired.

Weight discussion

I’ve gained about 10 lbs this pregnancy, and I was told at my last appointment to try and gain more weight by my next appointment in 3 weeks. I’m already at risk of IUGR due to the bicornuate uterus, and I start growth ultrasounds in a few weeks. Last pregnancy my baby was constantly around the 11% range in ultrasounds so they kept monitoring, but he came out at 6 1/2 lbs at 39 weeks, which is completely in the normal range. I really don’t want to do this IUGR dance again.

I’m already eating all the time, within my GD dietary restrictions, so not sure how I’m supposed to gain more weight. I’m frustrated.


That’s a bloody stupid thing for your medical staff to tell you. I’m sorry, its not fair or reasonable of them to tell you to do something when you are completely unable to affect the outcome like that.

I literally starved and my babies were both normal weight. If your baby does end up IUGR it is absolutely not your fault.


Another reminder from what a neighborhood mom friend went through (she texted this morning and it made me think of her). Most twins have at least some NICU time, especially when they’re preemies. NICU time is often traumatic for parents. She had a ton of fear this last pregnancy when she had prodromal labor because of her NICU time with her twins. Also, preemies tend to have a much harder time learning oral coordination for breastfeeding and moms are more likely to have supply issues if they have IGT- insufficient glandular tissue- and one of her twins never managed to BF and needed special formula and I know that was rough on them, financially and because it is consistently out of stock and she was always terrified he wouldn’t have food.

All of that is possible with singletons of course, but much higher rates with multiples.


Oh yes


One of my friends was on strict bed rest from week 22, which meant she used up all her paid leave weeks before the babies were even born.

That is months of not being able to do anything besides get up to use the bathroom and sit to shower.

Both babies were in NICU after being born, for close to a month. Breastfeeding around a hospital schedule that is also supplemental feeding and giving meds, not to mention not being able to hold your babies much, really sucked for everyone.

My other friend also had complications (herself) and was induced earlier than planned, resulting in a C-section that she was hoping to avoid.

Both scenarios are wildly expensive and extremely stressful on everyone. They both have really strong partner relationships or they would have majorly crumbled, even with a lot of family and friend support in the 3-7 months they needed daily outside help.


Thanks for the nudges everyone. I can go back to being excited for this person now that I have been so well reminded why I don’t want that.


6 weeks today. This pregnancy is so weird. If I didn’t know it was a genetically tested embryo I would be 100% convinced it’s another blighted ovum. Symptoms are so so mild. I’m tired- but is it enough? I have moment of nausea but not many. My boobs are sore are growing, but does the progesterone contribute anyway? This is very much one of those “ah, yes, people CAN totally miss being pregnant” type pregnancies. Which is weird because my other ones absolutely have not been.


Yeah if I hadn’t been emphatically trying for this one and looking for symptoms like crazy since my positive I could have missed it if I was one to have irregular periods. I second guess every symptom I have had with like… Well sometimes I’m emotional or nauseous or tired when I’m not pregnant.

I felt so much worse nausea wise with a loss and I’ve basically decided it’s all a crapshoot and nothing means anything.


Just came back to thank whoever recommended insulated jumpsuits. @Bracken_Joy? @ElleP? Both? I got a quilted one from J Crew on sale a couple months ago and it’s been so good and warm - I can wear any thinner leggings underneath, which is good because I’m going through a lot of them with coughing-induced incontinence this week :(. So thanks!

On another note, what are some pregnancy-safe congestion remedies? It looks like I have the fairly typical rhinitis, PLUS a cold this week that’s producing some green phlegm and making it really hard to breathe through the nose, especially at night. Last night a humidifier on full blast helped but I’m interested in other options, especially less invasive/fewer drugs. Should I neti pot?

This weekend I was getting weird episodes of physical fatigue that hit pretty suddenly and I don’t like it. Or maybe it’s the cold.


Have you ever tried using the little remedies nasal spray on yourself? I found that easier than the neti pot (although yes my OB said neti pot was a great way to combat congestion during pregnancy).


Pregnancy got me believing in decongestant spray for no more than 3 days, and neti pot or saline spray.

I think you can do vicks pregnant but can’t remember


Oh that’s smart!

The decongestant sprays here have a little warning about heart stuff if overused and i have had heart problems while using them so i use the saline-only kids spray and it helps and is handy and easy to use

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I enjoy my Neti pot so I use it daily during allergy season or whenever I get stuffy. we always have boiled water (have one of those hot water heaters on our counter) and I keep a glass water bottle to hold cooled down boiled water in. I buy the individual salt packets because I’ve never gotten the knack of mixing my own with the right kind of salt.

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Just got winded eating a quesadilla. Maybe I am really pregnant :laughing: (I’m still a little winded. It’s been like 5 minutes. I have a cold as well, double whammy)


Augh my NIPT test is throu Invitae and their website is literally ALWAYS broken. It took me days and 20 tries to make an account. I assumed it was fixed. But now I can’t log in lol.

And it’s due to vague “an error” and not like a wrong password or anything.


Cold is gone and I feel one million times better! Glad that (at least for now) shortness of breath and wacky fatigue were probably just due to being pushed over the edge. I guess being pregnant for the first time in 2020, I never caught a cold.


My boobs feel huge but it’s like I’m only getting extra boob on the outside of my boobs so they don’t look any bigger.


My throat hurts. I have no other cold symptoms and it’s been almost 2 weeks.

In other news I hate everybody at work. (Normally I like my job and coworkers - I’ve been in a mood lately) Just 8 more weeks until I start leave!


Heart burn? GERD?