⚠️Poll: New summer live stream time?

We’ve been doing Saturday 5PM Pacific Livestreams for 64 weeks now!

This timeslot had been working well, we had a pretty consistent community show up each week. But in 2020, most people did not have Saturday night plans. Now, with economies at different stages of reopening and all of us relearning how to put on pants again, more people aren’t sitting at home on a Saturday afternoon or evening.

We’ve had a noticeably smaller audience the past couple weeks. There may be a better time for the livestreams in this almost-post-covid world. I think the consistent time has been really helpful, so I’d like to stick to the same time each week.

I also know there’s some folks that have never been able to make the current time due to work schedule/middle of the night-ness.

Please help me figure out what to do by filling in this poll with your preferred livestream time :point_down:t4:

If you are patron and already filled out the poll on Patreon, please skip this poll! Note: We will also probably be moving to one livestream each month being Patron-exclusive, in order to give Patrons more perks.

  • Sundays 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern (Mondays 1AM GMT/12PM AEST)
  • Saturdays 10AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern/6PM GMT (Sunday 1AM AEST)
  • Fridays 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern (Saturdays 1AM GMT/12PM AEST)
  • I don’t participate in the livestreams and a time change doesn’t affect me
  • I want to keep the current Saturday 5 PT/8ET time slot
  • Another time idea (list in comments)

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I didn’t reply on Patreon because you need a response option for “I’m flexible and want to continue supporting you and what ever makes the most sense for you personally.”


:joy: Ha, I appreciate that! I actually don’t care; I only presented times that make sense for me. I’m happy to stay at the current time or move it around based on what works for more people!


I voted both places because I’m cheeky.