Planning a trip to Tokyo next month- crazy?

Due to some wacky circumstances we are in a position to visit Japan (probably mostly Tokyo) next month. We have availability between june 22nd and July 15th. I have never planned a trip in a month. I am usually a book 6 months out, build spreadsheets, take some language classes…etc type of gal.
Any advice? Where to stay, what to do, things to avoid at all costs? We are big nerd people so the ghibli museum is on the list as is possibly DisneySea and Nintendo museum. Foodwise, husband will be in heaven and I will probably struggle a bit (I don’t eat seafood).


No advice on Japan, but I was once asked to travel from the US to Barcelona to present at an academic conference with 2 weeks’ notice. I not only managed the trip, I also snuck in a side trip to visit a friend in London.

Previous to that my international travel consisted of a cruise to Mexico and a stay on a Caribbean island. You’re going to be just fine!

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No specific recommendations, but I went about 4 years ago. We went to the Ghibli museum and had to book our tickets quite a bit in advance, so just a heads up.

Depending on how much time you have I quite recommend taking the bullet train to Kyoto and staying a few days. Kyoto is so beautiful and crammed full of historic sites.


I just looked and June is sold out for the Ghibli museum tickets and we have to wait until 6/10 for the July tickets to be released. Going to ask my husband if we would want to postpone if we don’t get tickets. I’m leaning towards yes since I imagine this is a once in a lifetime trip for us. We have friends who want to do it next summer which would be really tricky with time off, but might be do-able.


That’s awesome! Isn’t it amazing how easily one gets around in Europe? What were you presenting on?

Well, if you can’t get into your #1 destination it’s probably good to postpone.

Back in the day I was a researcher in the nonprofit/philanthropic sector. My boss was supposed to go present on some of our projects but she developed debilitating back pain and couldn’t travel so I was asked to go in her place. It was a great opportunity, but scary to say the least!

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I didn’t eat seafood when I was in Japan and it was a total non issue :slight_smile:

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I was just there in March. I found that very little of what was great about japan (walking around, peering in shops, hanami, temples) required prebooking.

I would go; but I loved japan and generally always say yes when given travel opportunities.

There is some fancy way to get into ghibli even if you don’t have tickets ahead of time; like standby- I can see if I can find the info.

I’m vegan and while that wasn’t the easiest, I still did fine for 3 weeks. Just not eating seafood and you’ll be fine.


I can share my japan spreadsheet if you like! We stayed in some great places.

That would be lovely! We are delving a bit further into research over the weekend and will make a decision by Monday on moving forward with it or waiting to have more time to plan and possibly go next year with some of our best friends.
I agree that most of what we would enjoy wouldn’t need to pre-book, but this is the one thing. My husband said it would have been like me going to Paris and not visiting the Louvre(I have an art history background). We are big on semi wandering on our travels with a couple of anchor points.

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Tokyo was voted down and we are going to aim for next year. Hopefully there will be some post Olympics sales.

Instead we are going to Ireland! Husband has always wanted to go and it will be a more chill vacation for the stressful work transition time. Literally more chill. The highs are in the 60’s and my Florida self is not prepared. Anyone know where I can buy some sweaters in june?


You could buy some there of the lovely wool!

I secretly want to go back to Tokyo for the Olympics next year…