Passover/Easter weekend in $$$

How’d you do?

I don’t know how I did. I know we didn’t spend any money on Saturday, because we went to a friend’s house, where the wiggler had an amazing time. On Saturday we went to my MIL’s, where he had a similarly great time. I didn’t spend as much money as I thought I would, because the store where I was going to go bra shopping turned out to be closed, presumably for Easter.

On the way home from MIL’s we went to the grocery store, but the wiggler had fallen asleep in the car, so I stayed there with him while D did the grocery shopping. I’m sure I looked at the receipt, but I cannot for the life of me recall how much it was. Somewhere between $60-$90.

Saturday: $50 in brewing supplies. $30 in beer. $50 in stuff from wal-mart, mostly for gardening.
Sunday: Didn’t leave the house, but still managed to spend $70 in tupperware from Amazon :stuck_out_tongue:

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Approx 19$ on gas.
Then I was spoiled and fed by family, haha.
So yay?


Friday: $0 - went skating (I paid for the next six weeks on Thursday, so I get unlimited skate), went to a meetup, failed to do much that was actually useful

Saturday: Spent the entire day organizing the kitchen, did not leave the house, did not pass go, spent $7.40 on nacho ingredients (that I made SSO go get)

Sunday: Weekly grocery trip, made a half-way attempt to actually meal plan, spent $25.63 on groceries for (hopefully) the week, and $7.50 on getting a fancy bag of coffee (usually I spend $2.50) because I had extra in the coffee budget and wanted a lil splurge

Total damage: $40.53


Saturday: $9 on a delicious BLA at my favorite cafe. $32 on two pounds of fancy coffee beans that will last quite a long while for me (I drink coffee in small amounts and tend to use it mostly for guests). $10 on Pledge (our wood tables look so nice now).

Sunday: No spend.

Total damage: $51.


Friday: $0
Saturday: $16 on a new cookbook. $12.50 on a cronuts and coffee date.
Sunday: Something like $10 on potting soil. $1.12 plus $27 on a gift card on additional gardening supplies. (beet seeds! seedling trays! fabric planters! PORTLAND NURSERY TAKE ALL MY MONEY)


I was working all long weekend so didnt spend much

Sunday Beers after work - $6
Monday chocolate and coke for me a team mate who paid for some of beers the night before - $12.30

Both Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays in Australia but I was still working making it a pretty low spend weekend.

I have 6 days off starting Thursday and it looks to be a spendy break.


Friday: I stayed home all day except for a brief trip to the library, during which I resisted the library coffee shop. Husband almost certainly bought gas on the way home, so somewhere between 50 and $60.

Saturday: stayed home all day, cooked.

Sunday: picked up at Walmart grocery order (!) $55. Later we went out for Chinese for supper, $17. In between, we took the dog for a drive in the national forest, so some gas used but no current money. End of the day at a friends watching Game of Thrones. Took over an artichoke dip I already had.


I was planning on getting take out this weekend, but that was too much work and I found tasty carb-y things in the freezer. So I spent zero dollars.