Pandemic Unemployment Assistance - 1099 vs Self Employed Q (found answer/feel free to delete)

Hey Folks, I looked around, if there’s a better spot/way to ask this please let me know.

I’m finally giving an application a shot despite the riteaid pharmacy rolls of horror stories I’ve read of independent contractors trying to.

The instructions for how to identify 1099 income were unclear on Oregon’s website explainer. My income is 1099, based on this panel it would seem I should enter 1099 income as “Self employment” instead of “employment”? (or do I have that reversed). Wouldn’t want to miss out on application simply because I filed in the wrong category - any advice is appreciated, thanks! (note, this portal is specific to self employment stating “The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program provides unemployment benefits to self-employed, contract, and other workers who cannot get regular Unemployment Insurance (UI).” which made it seem odd they still have a distinction between “employment” and “self-employment” for the application.

Answer: 1099’s are to be filed under self employed.

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