OMD Study/Work with Me Livestreams

I’m in the final stretch of studying for the Series 65 exam. I am planning on doing some study/work with me livestreams over the next few weeks for accountability. If you need some accountability, please join in. I’ll be posting them in this thread.

Generally, they will be ~3 hours long with 50 minute pomodoros + 10 minute breaks. You can join for any part. We’ll have low-fi music in the background and a timer on screen.


Yessss my brain is mush and my work ethic is trash, I need this


Fuck I could also use this. Work is… not happening.

I will attend. I seriously need to at least bother to try to work

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I’m in!!

I’ll attend in solidarity because your work times are my sleep times.


First one! Today at 9AM Pacific/12PM Eastern. 50 min work sessions with 10 min breaks. Starts at 9AM PT/12PM ET and we’ll probably go for 3 hours

@Greyweld @Oro @diapasoun @Rhubarbsoda


Bless I need this this morning. Something something gotta write up a bunch of requirements and test software…

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Bless you

I’m not good at working and I’m just being annoyed at the one guy being creepy in the chat o_O


I won’t be able to make it as i work until 6pm Central but :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle: y’all got this

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That was really nice, thank you Lily! I actually got a few things done. :rofl:

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I did this once I have up on Etsy admin:

Still fucking with the right eye, can’t quite get it right


Tomorrow we’ll have another. Start at 1PM Pacific/4PM Eastern/8PM GMT. Will probably go for 3-4 hours.


Hell yes I’m game for this one.

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Yeaaaaah I will hella be there.

will these also be available to watch after? I missed it today but could use the out-of-sync study companionship.

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I think Lily said it would be in an unlisted video, which maybe she’ll send a link?

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As far as I can tell it’s still available, not sure if it goes away at some point.

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Haven’t pulled them down, but if I do unlist them, they’ll still be in this playlist