OMD forum's 1 year bday this week!

Thank you @anomalily for alllll the work you put into making OMD awesome! :slight_smile: I love how easy it is to post pics and vids here. Also there are cute cats and stuff, I like cute cats and stuff.


I met my partner of 18 years on an online forum, so I have a high bar. And this group of folks has created probably the best space I’ve been part of.

Favourite moment was probably seeing the first baby photos.

Other high points would be going back through all the old threads and coming across the first instance of Tony Victor, and the first sticker.


Very cool! I met my wife in person first but we fell in love (after being good friends) over a school break chatting on AIM back in the day.

My sister also found her husband over the Internet. A friend of hers from a different city saw her future husband‘s profile on a dating website but he lived here so she acted as the intermediary to put my sister and him together.


I value the community/people here so much. I haven’t been journaling as much due to [reasons], but I love coming here to check in with people several times a day. It has been hugely helpful to me during a stressful year. Hope to meet more of you in person in the future.


Already a year! And yet only a year! How wonderful.

I still visit the Other Place sometimes - it’s very, very good for crunchy tax and investment discussions. But this is where I keep coming back.

I don’t know what my favorite moment is, but my favorite OMD personage is definitely young miss Latte, though she’s never posted a word as she’s still pre-verbal. :wink:


I like that this is the nice place, and I like how easy it is to post pictures. And I like that we don’t talk money all that much. :rofl:


Well this doesn’t surprise me one bit! Happy birthday OMD!!


Happy Birthday OMD! It’s been an excellent year, I love this garden & pet forum. The food inspiration is :+1: too.

I was just looking for somewhere to mention how much OMD has removed the stress from my grocery shopping over the past few months thanks to the challenges. You rock! Thanks for the support!


This has been such a lovely place to find - everyone is so welcoming that I finally had the courage to de-lurk. I love all the knitting and art that all you talented folk make!


Oh wow. I think I came on sometime in September last year and definitely assumed this was a much longer running operation. It has such a lived-in feeling.

Anyway, this community has really been what I needed to help me get my head out of the sand about my finances and stick to the horrific slog of paying off debt. I feel engaged with my finances in a way I never have before in large part because there is this awesome community to engage with. I am still kind of shocked l a personal finance community exists that feels so comfortable for me.


That might be because a good chunk of us came over from the MMM forums, which have been around for quite a number of years.


That’s probably part of it. I also knew the podcast had been around much longer (though it took me a while to get around to listen to it, a friend, who hasn’t made it to the forums, recommended it over a year ago) and I guess I just assumed it had been started at the same time!

Also, I’m REALLY glad I didn’t stumble across the MMM forums first. From everything I hear it sounds like they contain valuable content (and a number of good folks) but a cultural climate that would have sent me running from the personal finance world at full sprint.


I still hold the MMM forums quite dear, but the whole time I was super active there I felt very defensive because of the culture. It made me feel so inferior about my income I previously felt was great. Obviously I love so many people from there and I owe a lot of my best financial decisions to that forum, but the bulk of people are less mean here :frowning:


Yeah, I also have very mixed feelings. I learned a tremendous amount through my time there and met my closest IRL friend through it (she is completely non-active at this point though) but it also contributed a lot to my mental health problems over the past several years because of how I personally drank the kool-aid. For me the whole relentless optimization aspect led to a lot of self-hatred, anger towards my wife because she was never that on board, and a whole host of other things but things are getting much better now for me :slight_smile:


I also hold those forums quite dear – but they fulfill different niches in my life for sure.


Kind of a clunky workaround but you could make a forum rule/suggestion that people include their usernames in the post title? Most of the journals already do this but for regular threads maybe it could be a format like this:

Thread title (OP username)

Just an idea that occurred to me


I think it’s most important on the journals anyway, but I want to figure out a way to do it as part of the software.


Another thing I like about this place: No moderation, or need for it/excessive rules. You trust us all to use our words and work things out among ourselves. And we all do our best and try to be kind/considerate and acknowledge when we make a mistake. There is another forum I post on occasionally that has SO MANY RULES and very heavyhanded, public moderation. I got a slapdown from them a few days ago because I BROKE A RULE and it really sent me into a shame spiral. Thank god it was a sunnyish day so I could go out and muck around in the garden a bit to regain my balance. Anyway, I understand why they have their rules but I think I have decided that I like the tone/approach of this place much better so while I may continue to lurk on the other place I will refrain from posting.