OMD Cooking Club! November: Thai

I store extra curry paste in a baggie in the freezer. Check Maesri prices on Amazon, by the way, if you use Amazon - you may do a little better than $1.29 a can.

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I’m so impressed @CalBal ! That looks incredible. At the end of all this you should do a Thai dinner party :slight_smile: I haven’t done any Thai recipes yet, gah! Somewhat limited lately but I’m really hoping I can squeeze some in before the month is out.


Belatedly noting that I made this over the weekend and… I feel like the ratio of pineapple to all other ingredients is off. As in, too pineapple-heavy. If I added more and different veg to it, I think it would be a winner though! And, it’s something different, as I’m getting bored of my current recipes.


@Smacky Thanks! I feel like it tasted better than it looked (because of my choice of bowls) but it was sooooo easy! The only “problem” with it is that I don’t know how I am going to heat the leftovers (I don’t have a microwave, and I am not sure that’s really what you would want to do anyway). Because I am only one person it made more than one serving. I think it would be good for a little dinner party or any other meal where you don’t expect to have leftovers though (like, planning on one bowl per person).

@rural That’s a good idea, although I am storing mine in the refrigerator in a 4oz jelly jar. That small amount won’t last me more than a month and I don’t imagine it going bad before then. I keep Mae Ploy pastes much longer than that.

I looked on Amazon, but all the prices I saw were much higher than what it was in the store. :woman_shrugging: I don’t think it is expensive, just more expensive than the two other brands. But maybe more convenient.

@rdaneel0 I was starting to think about doing a Thai dinner! I have 2 more dishes I definitely want to try, including one tonight… :wink: Don’t feel any pressure! (I know you don’t.) Do what you want/can whenever you feel up to it! :slight_smile: I feel supercharged now because I stocked up at the Asian market, but I am obsessive like that.

@TrisPrior Good to know about that recipe (about the pineapple). Sometimes less is more! I recently found out that there is a brand of canned pineapple that comes in a smaller sized can than the giant 15oz one. When my parents were visiting they made porkchops for themselves one day, and they use pineapple, but it only needs like 1/2c so they buy this smaller can (I think it is 8oz, which sounds like it might be perfect, if you don’t want to also eat pineapple just plain sometimes (I like pineapple with yogurt though, so it wouldn’t go bad in my house). I’ve only seen one brand though, so you might not find it anywhere…

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This is making me hungry.

I have mostly Mexican food supplies for the week (easy post-travel noms) but am now thinking again about going to A Fancy Place to get stuff for tom kha. Unf soup.

It’s not particularly elaborate by the standards here, but I made this soup and it was absolutely delicious - I’m very sad that I’ve finished my stock for the week and will have to wait until the weekend


Mmmm I am going to have to try that one!

I made another couple more Thai recipes this past week (and I have one more planned for the rest of the month). I made a fried tofu appetizer, and the recipe for the dipping sauce seemed weak (plus I omitted peanuts, so I added crushed garlic and homemade chili oil), but the main takeaway was that doing fried tofu is super easy and why have I not been doing this more often? And it would be great with a variety of different dipping sauces. I have made fried twice in the past week, in my baby deep fryer (I have a tiny, $20 one). LOVE.


Completely unrelated to Thai food (my cooking goals this month went whaaaa?), but some things that have been made recently that were heckin’ tasty, and some were even easy:

  • Modified Smitten Kitchen’s cranberry orange buns to be hazelnut cardamom orange buns. If you’re feeling bored with regular dessert flavor combos, the hazelnut/cardamom/orange trifecta is a GOOD one.
  • Made butter chicken (and realized it could easily be veganized into a similar tasty dish with oil, seitan, and coconut cream for vegan friends).
  • Just made a delicious quesadilla with hatch chile tortillas, a mix of corn/black beans/bell pepp on top, and an egg over easy topping it off (took less than 10 minutes to make).

Sawasdee!! Last week I made Khao Pad Gang Keow Wan (Green Curry Fried Rice).

In preparation

Ready to go into my stomach

I subbed shrimp for the chicken because I don’t eat chicken. Because shrimp takes so little time to cook I switched around the order of things in the recipe (adding the shrimp dead last for only a few minutes).

It turned out well! It is basically a dry curry dish, I say dry because normally I like my rice to be swimming in the curry sauce (drowning might be an even more appropriate description, I definitely like it saucy). So this was basically just that but not as saucy. I will say though, it made me think it is a nice idea if you are counting calories, because it uses less than a full can of coconut milk, or want to take it to work and not risk it tipping over in your bag and spilling everywhere. Nevertheless, it was tasty, and I recommend it if you want a drier curry for one of those reasons. The taste is still definitely curry!

I used Mae Ploy green curry paste, as that’s what I have open in the fridge, and some other subs included using red noodle yard long beans from the garden (frozen), and yellow japapenos because of the previously mentioned pepper situation in these parts. :wink:

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Have decided it’s definitely Thai for thanksgiving dinner here. You guys think masaman or prik khing is more festive?


If it were me, I would do prik khing, only because I don’t ever make it, so it would be more special!


How did Thai Thanksgiving go?

Went with prik khing, and it was great!