Non qualified tax deferred annuity and RMD questions

Hi all,
It appears that I will likely be inheriting part of an NQDA (and parts of some Roth and Traditional accounts) in the near future. This is a bit more complicated than my own personal investment expertise. I’m going to set up inherited Roth and traditional accounts to roll those respective amounts into.

Anyone have experience or knowledge about inheriting part of an NQDA? Do I roll it over? If so, into a traditional or Roth? Or if it has a good rate of return on it, can I leave it and just get the returns? I don’t think there are RMDs, but maybe I’m wrong. More questions than answers at this point so any help is appreciated!

Seems like I have to drain the traditional accounts within the next 10 years?? Is that right? The person who passed was taking annual distributions and I don’t fall in the under 18/disabled etc category and I’m not close to taking RMDs on my own accounts.

Thank you in advance for any help!

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