New Livestream Time? Poll 📊

The continuous quest to figure out a livestream time that works for the whole English-speaking world!

We’ve been doing the Sunday night (Monday morning Australasia) livestreams for about a year now and they’ve been going well. The increase in summertime activities has made Sunday livestream times more tricky.

Last Sunday, I held the livestream at 11:30AM Pacific (2:30PM Eastern and 7:30PM BST) because I had an event scheduled in the afternoon. I had a lot more people on the stream live! Triple the usual attendance. This week I resumed the usual evening time, and had fewer people. It could’ve been the topic, but I think the time factored in.

Doing an earlier time works a lot better for Europe, but worse for Australiasia (where it is the middle of the night).* It also makes me feel like I “got back my afternoon” instead of sort of being in “waiting mode” for the livestream as I usually do on Sundays.

I also know that a consistent time of Sunday evening has worked well for a lot of regulars, especially folks that might have church or sporting events in the morning and not be able to attend if we moved it up.

I know polling people about availability when we have a global and varied audience is never going to reach a consensus, but I’d still love to hear what you think. Be entirely selfish in your vote, don’t worry about other people - vote what makes sense for you.

Which Time Do you Prefer?

*Incidentally I will be in New Zealand next month, and would have to stream in the middle of the night if we moved times lol

  • Sundays mornings at 11:30AM Pacific/2:30PM Eastern (19:30 GMT) - Monday 2:30AM AWST/5:30 AEDT
  • Sundays evenings at 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern (01:00 GMT) - Monday 8AM AWST/11AM AEDT
  • Don’t Care! I watch livestreams in replay
  • I don’t watch livestreams in replay or live
  • Another time (list below)

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As someone watching from Australasia, go with the time thats better for europe! My children make it impossible to watch during the normal time.


I voted another time, mostly because 8pm eastern on Sunday is the worst time for me because I already have a prior commitment at that time, so I can almost never attend. Almost any other time would be better!

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