New bike rack

Two years ago we bought our first ever new car (Yes, we’re FIRED!). It didn’t come with a tow hitch and I certainly wasn’t going to shell out close to $400 Honda wanted thankyou very much. So I modified one I stole from a friend’s (different) car. Why do we need a tow hitch? Well because we need to carry bikes of course.
So two years of further procrastination lead me to sort through my scrap pile of steel and start cutting and welding.
Result is a 4 bike rack that hangs the bikes by the front wheels. Similar models can be bought for $800… No I don’t think so. It now has a coat of paint so looks better than these pics…:).


Wow, this is very impressive!


It wasn’t too hard, figuring out dimensions and angles that all worked together took longer than expected though.

Sheesh, Frankh, you can build anything! (Fellow longtime MMMer as well.)

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Ooops I replied from my email so not sure if this will post twice somehow.

My only defense is 1) I am chronically cheap! 2) I have a brain and two hands, so if somebody can do something then with enough practice (and money for tools) so can I. Its never really occurred to me that something was beyond my abilities… So I just do it.