Motivation Thread

in general, I add cheese, butter, sriacha, peanut butter, or bacon to fix off flavours. For soup, I might add more neural bulk from potato, sweet potato, eggplant, or pasta to give more space to play with flavour.

or cut it up smaller and stir fry it with eggs and rice

Tamar Alder’s Everlasting Meal (second reference this week) has two chapters on how to deal with things that didn’t turn out as hoped. Like undercooked rice, overcooked rice, burnt vegetables, dry meat…


Yes, cheese often helps. Or adding spice. I like the potato idea.

This time, I put too much rosemary in the bean soup so now it is full of woody crunchy pieces of rosemary. Maybe I can puree it?


We have to arrange cat care, pack and tidy the house ready for a few nights away. We’re all grumpy and tired from Xmas shenanigans. I’m gonna post to keep myself going through this.

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OK, we successfully washed the most urgent clothing and ran the dishwasher. It’s nap time shortly, so I’ll do the quiet tidying while that happens, and make the lists for packing.

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