Mother's Day Weekend in $$$


How was your weekend? Did you spend mindfully and in line with your values? Did you buy boring necessities?

$68 on food, drinks, and coffee for me, D, wiggler, and D’s mom
$5.30 on the perfect skirt that was just sitting there waiting for me at the secondhand store
$0 because I resisted buying new notebooks at both the bookstore and the art/stationery store

$72 on groceries


Saturday: $23.80 on seeds for the fall garden (rutabaga, kohlrabi, runner beans, and a new variety of tomato for next year)
Sunday: $1 on chips because I didn’t pack enough food at work.
Monday because it’s my day off, so counting it as a weekend day: $12 on the dog nail trim

No additional expenses expected today unless I need to grab a few groceries. Gotta finish meal planning for the week.


Saturday: $19.22 for groceries (half for a birthday party later that day)

Sunday: $0

Total damage: $19.22

Weekends where I stay in are so much cheaper than weekends where I go out… oof.


Friday: Just worked from the house most of the day, except for an adventure to the rink to wear myself the eff out. Made elaborate dinner with food in fridge instead of eating leftovers.

Saturday: Had a very unproductive day. Did get a little done, returned some library books, stayed up way too late doing video editing, but only money spent was $3 on candy I didn’t need. Ate leftovers.

Sunday: Mother’s day brunch at parent’s house with friends and folks, then skating, then work. Brought some food, gift was purchased in Japan. $0 spent.

Total spent: $3

can probably get through the week on the amount of leftovers in my fridge, so that’s rad.


This is some extreme self control.


90% sure I’m going to buy the set I liked at the art/stationery store, though…


Hard to know exactly because I didn’t do the grocery shopping because Friday was a bad day.

Approx 95 on grocery
Approx 85 cash on comic books because it was tcaf weekend

I didn’t spend anything at the trunk show a favourite designer did at my favourite expensive shoe store.