Money Wins Official Shout Out Thread! 🎉

I’d love to shout out OMD community members on the livestream and podcast when they have hit a money goal they’ve set.

This could be making your first budget, setting up your first retirement contribution, saving your emergency fund, completing one of the 21 in 2021 challenges, negotiating a salary increase, paying off a student loan or credit card or mortgage, hitting a net worth milestone, qualifying for student loan forgiveness…whatever it is, I want to celebrate it!

Comment here with your money wins that you want celebrated on OMD’s livestream and podcast. I’m going to aim for one shout out per week, and nothing is too small to be celebrated!

I will default to using your user name as your name but if you prefer, let me know your first name!


@Rodeo made a budget last weekend. Just saying.


I will come back here to brag once my e-fund hits 3k


I am supporting a family on one income in a HCOL area using smart budgeting, meal planning, and chosen family support! I didn’t think i could but finally took the plunge after support from OMD people on budget stuff :slight_smile: