Meditation and Mindfulness app recommendations

Does anyone have any suggestions for good mindfulness/ meditation apps, preferably with sleep stories?

I currently use the free version of Calm which I like but they keep restricting more stuff and I thought I would see if anyone had good suggestions for free or cheaper apps before I sign up to pay for Calm.


I don’t know if it’s what you’re after and it doesn’t have sleep stories, but I love The Breathing App, particularly on the setting that plays a tone for each breath in and out.


I used Insight Timer before. I think it has sleep stories.


I use Insight Timer and there are definitely guided meditations for sleep - I have no recs because I just use the timer, but there are plenty on there and it’s all free.


I have been using headspace because Sprinklefawn employees get it for free, but that will come to an end at some point. I mostly only use the sleep stories, and occasionally make myself do a regular meditation and “fail”.

Looking for a free guided meditation one.

For non meditation sleep stories the Sleep With Me podcast is pretty great. He tells stories in a soothing, boring tone that wander so much you can’t help but fall asleep.


Thanks for your suggestions everyone

Will try Insight Timer @katscratch and @diapasoun

That tone for each breath in and out might be great @HaH, I currently just use the timer on calm for most of them.

Those stories sound perfect @anomalily thats kinda what the calm app ones are, they used to have quite a few on their free version but all my favourite ones are now only paid for, which I will pay for if I cant find a free alternative.