Maintenance Phase Podcast Discussion

Listening now! I worked at one place that tried to do a workplace wellness thing but…it was a newsroom. So HR instantly got flooded with angry, long, very well written emails about why it wasn’t a good idea. They immediately apologized and cancelled the whole thing :laughing:


I haven’t seen the liver king one? is it patrons only?

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Yeah, it was a bonus episode.

The most recent one about the new AAP guidelines on fat children was so upsetting that I’ve lost trust in the AAP in general. Did anyone else listen to that one?


Yeah. It was just sad. And kind of felt like semaglutide manufacturers maybe funding a lot of stuff


I haven’t trusted AAP since my son was born so they get double middle fingers from me with compounded interest over the past 24 years and 11 months.


Well, I really appreciated that when my mom asked what did I think of the way my cousin was raising his child, whom we had met as a baby boy and who started kindergarten as a girl, I could say, “They are following AAP guidelines.” It seemed like that meant something, their support of trans kids.

(To be clear that was the least supportive thing she ever said. Especially after the kid came to visit.)


For me personally, the fact that referring to AAP guidelines immediately has clout is the main problem. I have zero problem with you using their recs to make a point - that’s just smart persuasive arguing :slight_smile: I do have issues with insurance companies and medical groups using guidelines as a required roadmap of care.

I’ll save my rant lol but I feel very fortunate that I had a pediatrician who said “here’s what AAP recommends, here’s what CPS (Canadian equivalent) recommends (different recs for the things we were questioning, which is why I’ve always been sus as to AAPs conclusions and undisclosed influences), and here are the options I am willing to ethically offer based on your circumstances”


Yes, it was sad. And shocking, honestly. Medication for “fat” toddlers??? Unbelievable.


Ok so i should save this episode for when i want to be really angry


I’m listening to the most recent one on sugar. Just into it but argh I feel seen.

Sugar is so moralized in parenting. Also so much bullshit. The number of times other parents have offered cakes to my kids and proclaimed “they have no sugar” and when I ask what is in them they list off apple juice, puréed dates, honey, maple syrup, etc :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I do think sugar does make my kids hyperactive. I also pretty strongly suspect it’s because they are excited about eating sugary food and likely to have a tantrum when the food runs out because the thing they like is gone, rather than because the sugar. Pikelet behaves similarly when it comes to TV and story time :upside_down_face:

I’m going to keep listening.


My observations as well. And also. Everything is gonna affect some kids differently because children are not identical. Peanuts make my cousin hyper.

I hate the “its free from…” Stuff because, aside from the potentially false label, what I want to know what is ACTUALLY in it since I avoid things that DO affect me like avocado and banana and non-sugar sweeteners.

Both looking forward to and dreading this episode.


I am going to have nightmares about the part about the glycemic index and the 20 cups of cucumbers. I have an aversion to raw cucumbers.


I was definitely swinging my arm while getting ready for bed. Trying to get 10,000 steps for my stupid workplace wellness program and its goofy incentives while listening to this episode about how garbage the 10,000 steps thing is.


I was just reading about how sweet potatoes can create higher spikes than white potatoes if roasting (relevant for the shadowy one’s diet), and then I listened to this episode and said ‘but of course it’s being eaten with other things so we won’t be too precious about that unless/until we have countervailing evidence’.