Maintenance Phase Podcast Discussion


Thank you for the info and especially the name of the disorder. I will read up more on my own about it. I wasn’t aware of this type of ED, or of the childhood food phobia thing (tell me you’re not a parent without telling me you’re not a parent, lol) so I’m learning as I go!

Thanks to everyone else as well!


“GOOP as a project seems really dedicated to confusing privilege for enlightenment.”

Just shouted DAMN so loud I scared the cats


:rofl: and didn’t have any picky eaters in the family

Ok looking forward to listening to this today!


I love how they CYA with “we’re just asking questions.”


I laughed so hard at that part

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Im into the part about self care and I like this take. Will need to listen twice.


That felt over fast. God the whole thing is so shady, but so out in the open about it


This Pete Evans series has me on all emotional edges. Like how did the paleo diet take a HUGE turn into Nazi, COVID denying, 5g is causing covid, lizard people taking over the world, wifi causes cancer crazy town.

I love that Michael gets to live react to all of the information because I’m just over here with my jaw on the floor wondering how it gets WORSE.

I remember my friends dad was super into paleo in high school and he claimed it helped get rid of his type 2 diabetes and that this way of eating was going to save the world. People think this about their diet all of the time, I brushed it off as just another diet fad but now I’m questioning everything lol.


Wasn’t that a wild ride? FWIW there was a lot of generalization which def added to the drama and fun. There are many prominent non-white paleo proponents though. The most famous paleo cookbook writer, arguably in the world, is both nonwhite and female. There are also a lot of disabled and chronically ill paleo people, which is common in lots of diet/health groups. I did a a ton of reading on paleo out of interest years ago and never came across anything eugenics sounding beyond the garden variety (and occasional) “if you eat right you won’t get sick” stuff that you see in every health and medical space. I would say 99% of paleo people spend their time talking about recipes, workouts, and how that style of eating impacted them specifically. There is lots of fake science and bad food history, for sure, and dubious studies promoted. But I think it’s a huuuuuge stretch on the other stuff. I mean I don’t doubt it exists but I think you could find similar extremists if you look into the cycling world, essential oils, organic food, vegan, yogis, etc. People just love to dunk on paleo because they make it so easy with the whole “caveman” thing. Plus people love to hate CrossFit, lol.

I still enjoyed the episode tho. Fun ride. And I don’t expect a lot of research on MP! They’re there to roast stuff, not to try and get in the actual headspace of people who believe something. That’s why they thought the scientology purification rundown was a cleanse diet (it’s not- it’s a long ass course that has to do with auditing) and why they didn’t understand the grass fed beef thing and thought it was so you could get the most fat possible (rather than having to do with what ruminants typically eat). Either way I love them forever and want to hang out with them IRL. :laughing: But yeah I wouldn’t see paleo as necessarily a red flag for anything else.


Oh wait which episode was this?

Yeah i think they do a lot of research BUT on very particular tangents. A heck of a lot of diets are going to have some horrible or weird origins, but in Pete Evans case it wasn’t the origin of Paleo but just that he was already a d*ckhead and predisposed to these things and some fringe people used it to make him lean further and further that way.


I think it might have been the celery juice or master cleanse one? They were naming a bunch of cleanses and mentioned it in passing, only referencing the effects scientology claims it has (which they correctly identified as stuff like levitation and telekinesis- that part was accurate but they thought it was a literal cleanse diet).

LMAO. So true. Also the venn diagram overlap of “weird diet stuff” and “insane/racist conspiracy theory” is unfortunately uh, big. The whole wellness thing in general seems to run into a lot of fringe stuff, which kind of makes sense when you think about it but is surprising when you first see it. Also the reverse! Like a lot of fringe extremist people have intense opinions on diet even when it’s not their primary thing (like louis farrakhan! or any cult leader really).


Yes! Oh also this may be of interest I am still getting my head around it as it requires swiping and may require background reading later when I have time (lol never)


Wow, yeah I’d need a minute with that infographic.


Maybe it has to do with the circles I run in, and the overlap between super-liberal-wooo-organic-crop-circles-hate-the-government and super-conservative-hate-the-government-libetarian-get-off-my-land that runs rampant out here in the pacific northwest (esp in the more rural areas) but almost everyone I know that’s super into paleo falls into that category. A few are just generic super-rich SF tech bros. I don’t think it is the diet’s fault as much as it is the type of circles it’s been spread in out here.


Oh yeah, they are for sure a thing. I don’t actually know anyone IRL who does full on paleo or CrossFit for that matter. Vegans and vegetarians are a lot more common in my circles. And people who keep kosher or halal. Or more like, organic/provenance snobbery stuff? I see that a lot.