Love is Blind Season 5

Please spoiler so folks can follow even if they’re not caught up.

Uche, through episode 7

So - through this season I learned that people can see who has viewed their Instagram stories. I have Instagram but have never posted a story.

Question: if you have a public insta, don’t you have a lot of random people viewing your stories? Why would you single out one profile and ask your friend Uche specifically who is this? Especially if Uche is “just a friend”? I find this whole thing sketchy.

I find Uche condescending and a little sketchy in general. I don’t think Lydia is perfect but the way he talks about her and to her is ick.

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I have SO MANY Uche thoughts. He can seem reasonable one moment and then like a totally different person the next…waiting to see if we get more of him :eyes::eyes::eyes:

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I’ve gotten several episodes in and have to quit because every single person sucks. Usually I can find one I like to get me through. Nope.

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Eager for others’ takes on Johnie. Such a fascinating character.