Love is Blind Season 3

There is a new season of Love is Blind.

This won't make sense if you haven't watched


Let me know when you get to the bit where Andrew cries. It’s the best tv of all time.


Yes, I saw that. Hysterical!

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episode 2&3 spoilers

I don’t think this season will have as much drama as last season, mostly because “a Nancy” made the wise choice to stay away from Andrew.

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spoiler reply

Andrew is shown in the previews for the next episodes. I hope Nancy sticks with her decision.

I cannot stand Cole. I’m like 5 minutes into the first episode. This guy is … terrible. Probably everyone will inexplicably like him and see no red flags :laughing: bc this is season 3 and I’ve learned.

I love Raven. Her sum up of Nancy was dead on. Something is off with her (Nancy) IMO. Oh and I like Brennon. Because he can make Shakshuka and looks vaguely like my husband in the face (but less handsome IMO haha) so…super thought out. I also like the photographer guy looks-wise (Andrew) and voice wise but I feel like he might be a bit stuck up. I wonder if he listens well. I like the Israeli girl too but also can’t remember her name. Totally felt for ballet girl, lol, I got alllll the same responses. In some ways Andrew might be good for her because he’s not like super impressed by it in a disgusting male way. But maybe he’s too seen it all done it all know it all. TBD.



OMG Cole is the worst!!! He’s like a less mature version of Shane which I didn’t realize was possible?


Cole reminds me of Barnett. And I do not mean that as a complement! haha why is there always a Cole

ETA: Aw man I felt so bad for Bartisse when he’s telling an emotional story and Raven is just jumping jacking it up…



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Yes to both!


Apparently, Cole’s last name is ALSO Barnett. But they claim that they AREN’T related???

Cole is exhausting.

How did you know that Colleen is a ballet dancer?

Raven wants to be a fitness-instagram-person (whatever it’s called) and has zero interest in these men.


I am very connected to him on a financial level

I want my marriage to be surface level and fun! But also a serious relationship. That is who I am! But not shallow! Just not deep!


I made fun of her, but I think she is probably awesome and just used to presenting one version of herself that is a good first impression. And the guys that are into that first impression aren’t for her. If this show doesn’t work for her I bet one of her friends will talk her through it!

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Haha, yeah I get it no worries!!! I’ve heard them all, haha, it’s a trope of sorts I think most dancers are used to it.

Some spoilers?

I relate to her though. She is an artist who speaks with her body and she’s in a position on the show to speak only with words and also to not see the other person’s body language at all. That’s probably not primarily how she communicates; it’s definitely not how I prefer to communicate. I’m also very surface level at first, like for sure, for like quite a while. And I’ve had the “shallow” reaction quite a few times before because I also think culturally American and Canadian culture has the expectation of like, telling your entire life story immediately, lol. I’ve had to force myself to be more that way and it has helped but it feels extremely unnatural to me. Although to be fair she 100% should have known that’s what she was getting into when she signed up for the show!!! Like that’s exactly why I would never ever do online dating. I need to see how you move and what you look like when you’re operating in the world. That’s how I experience chemistry. There are so many ways of looking at someone when you talk to them. I think that’s also why I have trouble taking online friendships into meatspace.

But also most dancers I’ve known are very physical people, obviously, so I think a lot of them come across sort of surface level at first. And it’s hard not to when the response to being a highly skilled athlete and artist is like, “WOW UR FLEXIBLE HUBBA HUBBA SEX” lol.

She leads with it because it’s easy and also people do ask (it could also be a test bc I used to do that to guys to see how they’d react- most failed), but it also boxes her in a lot. Not a single guy asked what she loved about ballet, how it made her feel, what her favorite types of roles were, what she planned to do after she was done performing, if she liked other types of athletics, how competitive it was, if she traveled for it, etc. I suspect that would have opened her up a lot! But it looks like it might work out with generic what’s-his-face, haha.

I didn’t know that about Raven! @FIFoFum haha, but that kind of makes sense. She’s an odd duck.

Cole is still a disgusting man child. Agreed.

Andrew is probably a serial killer.


Spouse and I are watching the season together and have started joking that one season is going to turn into a murder mystery when people start dying off in the pods under mysterious conditions. A+ spin-off


Oh I’d watch that for sure.


I’m interested to see where her relationship goes. He keeps saying things like “thanks for being willing to get to know me” and “over time you will start to learn about me”. I’m like :thinking:


Exactly! And she makes the flexible joke - so she either needs to use that to weed people out, or switch her opening, or find someone who takes a less shallow angle with it. And we see edited communication so we don’t see what else she tries to talk about or anything. I am going to be slow watching but I am rooting for her.

I have used both yoga and massage to weed people out. Maaaaybe a free pass on one obvious joke, but if you keep sexualizing them and not talking about anything else, I am done. And I think because dating culture is a numbers game a lot of people get stuck in dating routines- I used to like millionaire matchmaker for calling people out on using dating lines when they wanted to get serious.

Also, very off base, but there was a piece of cat claw wedged into my bathroom door handle. Little stinker must have been trying to open it when we put him in here to unload groceries


Oh yeah massage probably gets it a lot!! Ugh, gross. I think it’s kind of like other discomfort where it’s easier if you say it before they do? I know for me I remember it starting in like, middle school, from older adult men even. So by the time I was in my teens I was like, “yep I’m a dancer and I’m very flexible! let’s get it out of the way!”

You should have seen my face when I met a super hot Russian American guy at 16 who was instantly like, “you’re a ballet dancer?!” and I tensed and then he goes, “who is your favorite dancer? I like Nureyev”.

That dude got it. In uh…all the senses of the word, hahaha. Sigh. Sexy memories.

Maybe stop being a monster and open the door.


Was this the super NJ looking lady? I vaguely remember this cultural touchstone.


Haha, that show was a very fun trainwreck.

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