Love is Blind Brazil


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Ep. 1

Obviously I think the Persian guy is super hot, haha. I also love how some of the women just cut off the conversation and leave the room if they don’t like something. 10/10 reality tv.

"ep. 4- all the spoilers, first impressions

Wow, they pair off SO FAST in this one! LOL. Now that they’re on the trip everyone is talking super openly with each other about having sex. It’s the first night and they’re still eating dinner, yet every couple is talking about banging :laughing: it seems almost assumed that it will happen immediately!

So far everyone is getting along really well. Nanda and Thiago are cute but IDK if they will last. Lissio and Luana seem like a good match, they have a lot of energy that feels real, like a click. I think they seem the closest. Hudson and Carolina (she’s awesome, I loved her saying “how long do we have to follow these traditions?”) seem like a mismatch, like he really had an issue with her being a feminist. I believe any man can change in that area but he has to want to because he realizes how he’s seeing women, IDK if that’ll happen?

Nanda and Thiago seemed to like each other right away, but they haven’t really talked about anything real. And she seems like the type that might bounce from relationship to relationship. No evidence just a gut thing. Ana and Shayan look SO good together and I want to see them both in formalwear, haha, but I wonder if he is way too traditional for her? She seems concerned about that and I wonder about the MIL, even her son says she’s got a bad temper…what will she be like to a DIL?

Is that all the couples? I think so??? LOL, I’m in so much fucking pain today and this is like the only thing keeping me sane/distracting me.

Woah, ok episode is ending and all the dudes are being pretty sexist. That escalated quickly! No slurs or anything but basically they’re all telling Hudson he needs to control his woman, not in those exact words, but pretty close!


Whew, I’m still watching this season but TW:

If you are not up for some serious displays of sexism from literally every single man on the show, you might want to skip this series. I feel really bad for these women, especially because it’s clear they’re used to it and exhausted by it, despite being totally self-aware feminists.


Oooon yeah that might have been part of why I abandoned it part way. That is strongly ringing a bell.

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I’m from a traditional (read: sexist) background so my tolerance level for small stuff is pretty high, like women being expected to clean up, assumptions of motherhood, “women are like this men are like this” generalities, etc. But this is like…well past that IMO, straight up disrespect.


I did watch it all the way through but oof, the sexism was rampant.


I’m still hanging in there too! :slight_smile:


Ok there is some major redemption.

Episode 10

That must be the greatest turn down OF ALL TIME. She reams that guy and he so had it coming! She basically reads him an entire critique of how shitty he is and then says “I can’t let this turn from a dream into a horror, so to our relationship, I say: I don’t.” AND THEN she busts down the aisle and straight out through two giant double doors.

Standing ovation, reality show gold. Totally worth the wait.


I want to try but I think the sexism will so turn me off

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