Long shot -- urgently looking for a room in Berkeley/East Bay

Any body know anyone looking for tenants/housemates? My DS is starting his Ph.D in Computer Science at UCB on August 24th and is having trouble lining up housing. At this point even a temporary place to crash would be a HUGE help.

He’s 21, has been living on his own for the last year, responsible and quiet, etc. And if there are any problems you know how to find his mom :wink:


Want me to ask on the udall fellowship bay area list? There’s a pretty good collection of folks there.

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Any leads/networking help would be wonderful! Thx…

I’ll put out feelers to my network, lhamo!

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Most of the folks I know moved away or live alone, but will let you know if I hear of anything!

@lhamo I’ve got one FB group link – may I DM it to you?


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