LLC (with an EIN) and W2, oh my. Where to even begin? Explain like I'm five

I have had a formal LLC set up for three quarters and have been paying quarterly taxes. I also had a W2 job in 2019 and now that I’m in the groove of paying my estimated taxes, I have no idea how to do my yearly 2019 taxes along with my small business income.
The free tax prep place here does not deal with anything but W2 income, I already waited 90 minutes with them a month or so ago. The reference number of a people’s tax advocacy group they gave me just has a recorded message currently about an influx of calls, etc. etc.
Me and google can’t figure out what on earth I’m supposed to do.

Can anyone generally point me in the right direction? Even just a lil scooch toward the correct path?

I started my taxes online, but have not submitted them. I currently have my LLC income under “misc. income” but that doesn’t seem right. And I’m not sure where to deduct the estimated payments I already made.
Hi, I’m overwhelmed.

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Hi! You will need to do a schedule C for your business income, and doing it through h and r block has been my personal best situation because I think they make the deductions easy (make sure you file the free file links on the IRS website).

The schedule C is where you will deduct all your business expenses, home office deductions, health insurance, mileage, etc.

Carry the net profit/loss from line 31 of your Schedule C to Schedule 1, line 12 of your Form 1040


I’m glad anomalily answered the business income part - I have no experience there. But I do pay estimated taxes, so I can help with that.

Your estimated tax payments go on Schedule 3 and then carried back over to your form 1040, line 18.

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Thanks y’all. I still only kind of get it, but I’m going to try to find paper forms so I can see what lines you’re speaking about. When I made my estimated payments I had already deducted my home office and mileage, divided by quarters when applicable. Yeesh I really don’t know what I’m doing.

@Crow @anomalily
Thanks for your help. I finally finished them this past weekend. :upside_down_face: