Livestream Historical Thread: Links, Timestamps, Floofs, Donut

Finally creating the historical thread we should for livestreams.

Here’s the data format

Livestream Link:
Livestream Topic:
Date/Time Aired
Donut of the Week
Donut Rating
Sub Count at Upload
Time Stamps:
Floof of the Week


Livestream Link:

Topic: Personal Finance Content is hurting our mental health
Date/Time Aired August 29, 2021 5:00PM Pacific
Donut of the Week: Rhubarb Lassi
Donut Rating: 3.5/5
Sub Count at Upload: 585
Time Stamps:
Floof of the Week: Gabe, of @PAWG
Yorkshire Terrier, containing 10.1 lbs of furious hatred towards cats, large dogs, and men wearing long coats. A bruiser, topping breed standard by 2” at the shoulder, and 3.1 lbs. Indifferent towards the false challenge of city-fattened rats, but invigorated by the fruitless challenge of chasing birds. Self-designated protector of camp perimeter. Lovingly presses his butthole on mama’s face as often as possible.



Livestream Link:

Livestream Topic: Biden forgives $5.8 Billion of Student Loans for Disabled People and Onlyfans kicking off porn
Date/Time Aired August 22nd, 2021 5PM Pacific
Donut of the Week red grape + almond butter fritter
Donut Rating 4/5
Time Stamps:
Floof of the Week n/a

Oh my god, that doggo.

Livestream Link:

Livestream Topic: Spending of a 34 year old in Portland, OR who makes $53,000 (@anomalily’s spending)
Date/Time Aired September 5th, 2021 5PM Pacific
Donut of the Week Oregon Trail - hazelnuts, fresh raspberries, chocolate, on a regular raised donut
Donut Rating 3.5/5
Time Stamps:
Floof of the Week Magrat and Gandalf of @Clare-Dragonfly (Starts at 1:02)

Gandalf is a goof who loves to romp with our toddler. Magrat lurks at the top of the cat tree and grabs me with her paw when I go by to force me to pet her. They love each other more than any other non-sibling cats I’ve ever met.

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Livestream Topic: Inside the weird micro-economies of Planner Consumerism
Date/Time Aired September 12th, 2021 5PM Pacific
Donut of the Week Buffalo Bleu - vegan blue cheese and buffalo soy curls
Donut Rating 4/5
Time Stamps:
Floof of the Week @Sbreaux
Teddy Breauxsevelt. A stray from the bayou who loves to watch lizards that are close by on windows (because of his terrible eyesight). Has been seen leaping down from the armoire in my home office during videoconference calls.


Livestream Topic: Love at first sight… Hobonichi Cousin and why I bought a $60 planner
Date/Time Aired September 19th, 2021 5PM Pacific
Donut of the Week Sour Peach
Donut Rating 3/5
Time Stamps: Timestamps
00:00 Livestream Loading Intro
04:57 Start + intro
08:56 Economics: The Lipstick Index
11:30 This Recession was Different
13:50 Small Luxuries
23:23 2020 Consumer Spending 28:00 Irreversible Purchases
30:30 How Luxury Brands Lure in Working People
33:15 Cost of Paper in England in 1600
34:28 Fighting Consumerism when you’re uncertain
37:35 Donut Review: Vegan Sour Peach
41:47 Planner Content! Hobonichi 2022 Cousin Avec
42:17 Hobonichi Cousin vs Mossery Twinbook
45:20 Mark’s EDiT Daily
47:29 Midori Day Length Diary B6
50:22 Yellow Mix Hobonichi A5 Cover
52:25 Joining the Hobonichi Cult
59:50 Budgetober!
01:13:25 Take a Note Planner
01:15:54 Floofs of the Week
01:19:13 Hobonichi Booklet Cover Hack
01:24:51 Jibun Techo Biz Pros + Cons
01:30:05 Fountain Pens: Kaweco Sport
01:34:00 Wrap Up

Floof of the Week @Greyweld’s Ericka and Squiggles like long walks along the window, long naps by the window, and trying to eat bugs on the other side of the window.


Livestream Topic: Vacation, Family Leave, and Sick Time - Why does America suck?

Date/Time Aired September 26th, 2021 5PM Pacific
Donut of the Week Apple Cider Cake Donut
Donut Rating 3/5
Time Stamps:
00:00 Pre-livestream
03:39 Begin! Intro
08:17 Kokuyo Systemic Notebook for Hobonichi
15:16 Why I need a planner
18:44 How I’m using my Hobonichi Cousin
22:45 Sick Time in the US
23:49 Why US PTO law is hard
24:27 Origin of US 21+ Drinking Age
28:00 State Sick Pay Exceptions
32:30 US Lobbying + PTO
38:00 Federal Employees PTO
41:00 Sick Time Stats
45:27 Vacation/Holiday Time
46:00 Parental Leave
48:15 US vs Other Countries
54:55 Why California is Special
1:00:00 Parental Leave Economics
1:03:00 Amazon + Low Wage Organizing
1:04:50 US vs EU Paid Holidays
01:12:12 Donut - Apple Cider
01:15:00 Kitten Joined
01:17:09 Anti-Strike US Laws
01:21:21 Floof of the Week- Percy 01:23:26 Budgetober
01:25:00 Why I have three hobonichi covers
01:28:00 Kokuyo Jibun Days vs Hobonichi
01:30:00 Flipthru Hobonichi Cousin Functional
01:33:00 Mark’s Edit B6
01:34:00 Midori + Jibun Days DIY Cousin
01:38:00 Podcast Issues

01:44:00 How to Use Extra Planner
01:46:00 Planner Stack
01:46:33 Oh My Dollar! budget planner
01:50:52 Outro

Floof of the Week @meerkat’s Percy who is in rare moment of not napping. Gotta make sure that mail truck isn’t bringing more dog food.