Lilian- how would a teen/YA find info for your class you teach?

I apologize if this isn’t where to ask, but I’ve looked all over the website and I can’t find it. (or my searching skills suck)

Anyway, I know of a young adult who could really use this help. I won’t go into many details, but her parent is very bad with money and I feel like anything I say would just fall on deaf ears. Apparently because I have a house, I don’t understand what money problems are. (sigh, I wish). She lives in the SW suburbs.

Also, and I don’t know if your program/ class adjusts for this, but I think she has a learning disability. She seems to take longer learning things (not an insult, just an observation).

Anyway, I thought I would ask if there is a link or how can she contact you?



I’ll just tag Lily @anomalily


Thank you!

I teach through a couple different organizations mostly aimed at homeless/transitional or foster youth, the youth get referred to me so we don’t advertise (it isn’t your stalking skills) But I teach regularly in Beaverton at a day center that would host her if she is under 24. I also sometimes come to schools and if she is at a school I can reach out and see if they might want to host.

We have kids with LD in the class, and ELL, I go at the pace needed


Thank you for the info, I will pass the info along.

Finally saw the channel for your home you are building, I am so excited for you and Aaron!