LGBTQI+ Black-Owned Businesses to support?

Hello everyone, I have a specific, special request that might be more than google can handle giving it the most basic key words:
I want to send my sibling a small gift to celebrate pride. Something like a bracelet, pin, small artwork print. Preferably under $15, I do not have the budget to go all out.
In support of recent community efforts from Black Lives Matter I would like to find an online shop that is a LGBTQI + black owned business. I figured I could ask here, I’d like to support someone tangentially related to OMD. Also, the perfect situation I guess, would be a creator who is also currently donating a percentage of proceeds to a Black Lives Matter charity.

Please use this topic to list any and all LGBTQI+ Black-Owned Businesses for general purchasing needs!


Not sure about your specific gift ideas, but a few resources (with heavy focus on crafts):


If she’s into comics, Amalgam is a black LGBTQ owned comic store and they have an online shop:

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